With the coming of each new year, we all tend to reflect on the previous year and what is ahead. Prior to 2020, most of our lives traveled generally predictable paths. Post 2020, that seems to no longer be the case. I believe that we all have been altered in some manner over the past two years; an undeniable fact for people all over the world. So how do we look to 2022? My best advice is to look forward with optimism, hope and a plan.

The fact that we are entering our third year with a virus that has taken over 800K lives in America alone is sobering. We have lost neighbors, friends, and family members yet those of us who remain continue to move forward. We have not given up. We have not lost hope.

It would be trite to simply wish everyone a Happy New Year. While I do absolutely wish that for all of you, this new year will demand hard work from all of us. We may no longer be able to depend on old business paradigms; many no longer apply. There has been a shift, and if a business is to survive, grow or come into being, it must recognize the shift in the landscape and make new paths. One thing that I can assure you of is that we will be working diligently at the Chamber to move forward, and that we will do so with optimism, hope and a plan. Stay tuned…and Happy New Year!