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CUNA Mutual Group

CUNA Mutual Group, a Charter Member of Disability:IN Wisconsin, is a financially strong insurance, investment and financial services company enabling people to make financial decisions that work for them. The company was built on the principle of “people helping people” and the belief that a brighter financial future should be accessible to everyone.

CUNA Mutual Group has ten different ERGs and the Allies For Disabilities ERG focuses on disability inclusion. Allies for Disabilities brings together employees with disabilities and their allies to support each other and help CUNA Mutual Group in its effort for inclusiveness among employees and customers. For this group's purpose, disability refers to physical limitations, mental health issues, cognitive disability, chronic illness, or any other health issue with a disabling impact.
Milwaukee Center For Independence

Milwaukee Center for Independence, a Community Based / Non-Profit member of Disability: IN Wisconsin, is an agency that pioneered many innovative approaches for people of all ages, abilities and other challenges to achieve independence.

MCFI Employment Services provides people with barriers to work — including disabilities and past criminal convictions — with skill-development and education services, placement, and coaching to help them gain and maintain meaningful employment and improve their social and emotional health.
Disability: IN Wisconsin Events

Self ID / Disclosure
Best practices on creating a work culture where employees are comfortable disclosing a disability

Thursday, July 30th 1:00 - 2:00

Now more than ever, how people identify, as well as when and why they disclose a disability, determines workplace culture. Research shows it is not an overstatement to say that having more people who openly disclose their disability creates an inclusive culture that has the power to dramatically shape future business culture and success.

Join this webinar for discussions that address the following key action steps:  Educate, Connect, Lead, Evolve, Trust  These discussions will include other companies Best Practices and experience on What is Self-ID/Disclosure, Differences between visible and non-visible disabilities, How a company’s culture can affect who identifies/discloses, and the need to Identify Self before asking others to identify.
Best Practices on Hiring Individuals with Disabilities
Driving outcomes by maximizing abilities

Event Recap

June 18, 2020 Disability:IN Wisconsin presented a webinar, ‘Best Practices for Hiring Individuals with Disabilities". The webinar featured a peer-to-peer dialogue around employing individuals with disabilities in an effort to change the perception of attendees to become receptive to looking at different pools of talent that may include individuals with disabilities. 
Attendees heard the discussion on inclusion as part of the workplace culture, aligning skills and talent, the value of internal and external coaching, flexibility, and open conversation to cultivate talent pipelines.

Our special thanks to Tom Daugherty (Stratus Industries), Colton Grebe (Grebe's Bakery), and Jeff Kerlin (Tailored Label Products) for generating insightful dialogue on their experiences.
Employer Assistance and Resource Network (EARN)

EARN  supports employers in their efforts to recruit, hire, retain and advance qualified individuals with disabilities through:
  • Education and Resources 
  • Online Training 
  • News and Information
  • Research and Exemplary Practices

If you’re an employer who is new to the world of disability diversity and inclusion, you may be looking for general guidance and background on the what, why and how of making your organization more welcoming and accessible to applicants and employees with disabilities. Consider this your starting point for understanding how hiring workers with disabilities can benefit your business – and the ways EARN can help.

For More Information on EARN’s Primer for Disability Inclusion