Monday, April 20, 2020
Staying connected, and thankful.
We are thankful to celebrate the organizations who support the Ashland Christian Health Center. These Partners make a huge difference in the way we accomplish our goals to provide healthcare to those who are uninsured, and under insured in a Christ centered atmosphere.
Blessings Abound during COVID-19 .
It landed here in a storm we didn't expect.
It was immediate; it included exact orders. One of the first organizations to step up and to step into our ministry was the Ashland County Ministerial Association. I attended a meeting with these area pastors on Friday, March 13, the day after we cancelled Chocolate and More. There was so much uncertainty and questions, and yet hope was being built. ACHC has had a relationship with ACMA for a very long time, but all of a sudden, something was different, something BIG was happening. These long time friends of our ministry heard our story in a much different way, this group heard our cry, heard our mission, and understood our intent to serve at a new level, THE ONE CHURCH was the first pledge of support for our ministry in the midst of COVID-19, and I look for great things to continue.
When each of us are intentional in hearing the cry of our neighbor, GOD PREVAILS.
As a Partner Agency of United Way we are thankful for the connection to support. Stacy Schiemann was one of the earliest individuals to reach out to me. What a comfort to realize that ACHC was already on her radar, IMMEDIATELY. Thank you Stacy. And as we maneuver these days ahead, we are confident that the UNITED WAY, along with the Ashland County Community Foundation support will make a big difference. UNITED WAY support for medication through the Extra Help program sure lends us the confidence to support our patients who are treading in unchartered waters. Making Prescriptions easily available for our community is just the first step in our partnership

Thank you for the long lasting relationship and support we hold from Samaritan Hospital Foundation. We are in awe of their support. Each year we are gifted with Samaritan Hospital Foundation financial support, and that remains true in the throws of COVID-19. Their unwavering trust in our mission surely is a gift to our community as we strive to care for our neighbor.
Partners near and far
Using cost-effective strategies, such as in-kind services and donations of health care resources and time, free clinics provide for the health care needs of their patients. These strategies mean that every dollar invested in free clinics brings nearly $18.00 in care for patients. Free and charitable clinics provide access to care for many who find themselves temporarily unemployed or unable to obtain employer-based health insurance.