Volume 2 | September 2020
Dancing with ED

Message from Amy:

The seasons are changing, both literally and figuratively. We’re entering a season of thankfulness and giving - a time to invite joy into the small moments that may seem mundane, but remind us we are human. And we begin our election season. Many of us are under an overwhelming amount of stress, and it’s taking its toll on our mental and emotional health. More and more people are struggling with eating disorders, experiencing depression, anxiety, fear and restlessness. If recovery has taught me anything, it is there is beauty in the ashes, and hope in the heartache. We are more resilient than we realize, and stronger than we feel. 

Dancing with ED will continue to provide free workshops for the remainder of the year to anyone who is interested. You do not need to be a member of the dance community to participate. The next set of workshops, Voting for Me, start October 19th! Also, there will be a HUGE announcement in November's newsletter, so please be on the lookout for that! 
Amy Kathleen Lee: Founder of Dancing with ED

About Amy: Amy Kathleen Lee is an award winning mental health advocate, trainer, speaker, former pre-professional classical ballet dancer, eating disorder and suicide survivor. She founded Dancing with ED, Inc. in 2013 to support the dance community through eating disorder awareness, outreach and education. Amy is the creator of Stages of Change: A Dancer’s Body Journey, as well workshops including: Body Talk for Dancers, I Am Enough: A Body Journey Workshop, Mind. Body. Heart. camps and classes for young dancers. When Amy is not creating and serving others, she is investing in her own healing journey from childhood trauma, thriving, growing and learning new ways to love herself. 

"When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.” Jaeda Dewalt

What's Happening

Recap! Sharing Space As We Shelter in Place Workshop
In the months of August and September, Dancing with ED hosted a free workshop series "Sharing Space As We Shelter in Place" to support the dance community during this time of isolation and uncertainty. The virtual workshops split into three conversations addressed how the terms masks, space, shelter and safety resonate into other areas of our lives, including our recovery journeys. These free workshops offered a space for individuals to connect, be heard, share stories and learn about mental health resources.

Check out this clip below from The Masks We Wear workshop conversation!

Upcoming FREE Workshops

Sharing Space As We Shelter in Place

NEW theme!! Voting for Me

As we turn our attention toward election season, we may find ourselves experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, and other powerful emotions. This can make us feel trapped, powerless, worried our voice will not be heard. Following the success of our first workshop series, Dancing with ED is proud to announce a NEW series starting October 19th !

The Voting for Me series of conversations will create a non-political space for conversations around the topics, mental and emotional boundaries, recovery values and beliefs, freedom in recovery, inner resources and more..

Dates: ( All workshops are Mondays 6 - 7 pm/PST)
10/19 Workshop #1 Voting for Me 
10/26 Workshop #2 Campaigning for Me 
11/2 Workshop #3 Cancel the Negative Narrative
11/9 Workshop #4 Protecting My Borders 
11/16 Workshop #5 My Flag, My Anthem

All are welcome! Registration is required. Click here to register!
Resource of the Month: Libby Parker "Not Your Average Nutritionist"
Do you find yourself avoiding social events where there will be food? Does grocery shopping make you feel anxious or overwhelmed? Are you unkind to your body and obsess about food all day? If you answered yes to any of these questions YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

"Permission to Eat" gives members the confidence to eat in social settings, the abilities to eat foods you love and thought you'd never eat again, as well as skills to help you move joyfully and not because you feel like you have to. It is geared to be an affordable and cost effective program. The first week is $1 and after $80 a month which comes down to $7/hour per support group!

Interview with a Trained Crisis Text Counselor

SAVE THE DATE!! October 5th, 12:00 pm/PST, Dancing with ED will interview the latest member of our team, Amy Miranti. Amy M. is a trained crisis counselor with The Crisis Text Line, a free national text line dedicated to those in need of emotional support. In this interview, Amy M. will talk in-depth about what motivated her to go into crisis support, her experiences talking with individuals in crisis, and give people a better understanding of what to expect when texting this resource. The interview is helpful for people who are new to using this type of resource, individuals considering reaching out for mental and emotional support for themselves and/or loved ones, and to ask questions. We are blessed to have Amy Miranti on our team!

Thank YOU for all you do!
It's because of supporters like YOU Dancing with ED is able to foster a community dedicated to serving the emotional needs of young dancers and promote discussion of mental health in the dance community. We would like to give a special thanks to our supporters who have been with us for some time now!

A Special Thank You: