Vol. 2
August 4, 2020
Impact Cares in
Table Mound

It was a HOT day in Iowa! Great volunteers came from as far away as Michigan to help make an Impact on this community. There were residents that gave up their Saturday to make a difference in their neighbor's lives. It is wonderful to see people giving to others who aren't as fortunate. There were 44 flags hung and Todd Burget hung 32 of them! Three homes got painted and several roofs were fixed.
Caring Neighbors
One resident, a cancer survivor, noted, “I don't know how much time I have left here but the time I have I'm going to use helping people." Imagine living in a place where neighbors have the heart to help their neighbors and be a blessing to others!

Another neighbor works hard all week but also finds time to help those around her. She is hard to keep up with and inspired the Impact crew to "move like a bumble bee" to accomplish even more.
Service Spot Light
Dale and Amy joined our team in Denver, Iowa. They have recently retired and planned to travel with Samaritan's Purse but couldn't because of COVID. Lucky us! We now have two awesome new team members who love showing others they care by their actions.
Team Member Highlight
Heather was the first Impact Cares team member. It all started when Dave and Terri told her about a desire they had to help people in need and give back to the communities across the nation. Heather started the ball rolling in July, two years ago. Read More...
Sponsor Highlight
Spahn & Rose Lumber Company gave a generous discount to be able to help the residents in their neighborhood. What an amazing group of people who value what it means to be a good neighbor!

"The happiest people are those that do the most for others"
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