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ECPC Curriculum Modules: Professional Standards
These resources for higher education (IHE) faculty and professional development (PD) providers are designed to facilitate integration of the Initial Practice-Based Professional Preparation Standards for Early Interventionists/Early Childhood Special Educators (EI/ECSE). 

The series includes a module for each of the seven EI/ECSE Standards. Each module reflects the practices from the ECPC Adult Learning Planning Tool
Each module includes the following sections:
  • Overview
  • Topics and PD Guides
  • Sample Syllabi
  • Multimedia Illustrations
  • Learning Activities
  • Resources
  • Suggestions for Use

Modules are in development: Highlighted modules are completed
Videos & Practice Guides
Course enhancement offerings include e-learning lessons, practice guides, resources, and CONNECT Modules. These materials were developed for Higher Education faculty and professional development staff for use when training early interventionists, early childhood special education educators, and related service providers to use evidenced based practices. The materials provide authentic learning activities and opportunities for self-evaluation and student-guided mastery experiences.
Each learning series has an introduction, practice illustration and implementation activities along with additional resources.
CONNECT Modules and Courses are self-paced guided course enhancement modules designed for faculty or professional development providers to support the early intervention and the early childhood special education workforce. These modules and courses represent a collaboration between the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC), Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC), Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG) at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The CONNECT Modules and courses are available on the DEC website.
The 2020 EI/ECSE Standards are out!
The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) released the Initial Practice-Based Professional Preparation Standards for Early Interventionists/Early Childhood Special Educators (EI/ECSE) (birth through age 8) in July 2020.

The EI/ECSE Standards are specific to the preparation for early interventionists and early childhood special educators who work with young children ages birth through 8 years of age who have or are at-risk for developmental delays and disabilities and their families, across home, classroom and community settings. These standards build on the history of EI/ECSE as an integrated and unique field of study, policy, research, and practice and emphasize the unique skills and knowledge required for specialization for early interventionists and early childhood special educators. These are the first set of standards that focus on this specialized age group.

These standards are designed for candidates in their initial early childhood special education preparation program. These programs may be at the bachelor’s, post-baccalaureate, or master’s level. The development of the standards was guided by a paper prepared by CEC’s Standards Framing Paper Workgroup: Shaping the Future of Special Education: Framing CEC’s Professional Preparation Standards, which recommended that the standards:
  • Are practice-based;
  • Focus on in-depth candidate proficiency;
  • Form the foundation for future professional development;
  • Address diverse populations with individual differences and needs;
  • Promote continuous improvement of professional preparation programs;
  • Clearly articulate the expectations for a well-prepared special educator with stakeholders.

The new standards reflect many hours of support from CEC ’s Standards Development Workgroup and the DEC Standards Development Task Force. The standards development process was also facilitated by resources and support from CEC, DEC, and the Early Childhood Personnel Center (ECPC).