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Building the Community's

Land Use Master Plan

Hello Routt County,

Welcome to our inaugural newsletter about our community's land use master plan policy process. Every month we will give you updates on what we have accomplished and how you can add your voice. Our goal is to share information with you and inspire you to participate in our process.

This Land Use Master Planning process is an opportunity for all of us to consciously plan what we what Routt County to look like 10, 20, 30 years from now. Our open spaces and our historical and agricultural character are some of the greatest assets we have. Planning ensures that we keep our assets while addressing the needs of our community. Your participation is critical for the success of our long-term project. Our main goal is that you and the people of Routt County are included in this process and at the end of it, feel like it's the "community's plan."

Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.


Kristy Winser

Director, Routt County Planning

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First Leadership Summit

On August 27, 2021, we hosted a Leadership Summit with numerous members of the community as well as experts in the field to talk about the need for cross collaboration when addressing land use policies.

  • Todd Hagenbuch from Colorado State University shared information about the history of Routt County, its agricultural heritage and its desire to preserve open spaces.
  • Michelle Stewart from the Yampa Valley Sustainability Council told the audience about the pressures of extreme weather, drought, fire and the potential future effects of climate change in the Valley.
  • Jason Peasley from the Yampa Valley Housing Authority talked about the need for affordable housing the plans for the Brown/YVHA land in West Steamboat.
  • John Bristol from the Economic Development Council stressed the need to understand the links of housing, transportation, jobs and the economy.
  • Johnathan Flint, Transportation Director of the City of Steamboat Springs talked about public transportation and the need for regional options for our community.
  • Roberta Smith, Director of Routt County Public Health shared the history of planning and public health and stressed the need to create a built environment that promotes daily physical activity (sidewalks and bike paths), improved health and equity for all of our community.

Read the community feedback here.

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Check out Routt County's Story Map

The story map contains interactive maps, charts and graphs that illustrate many of the factors that drive land use and development in Routt County. It is an innovative and informative tool that can be used to investigate our options for future growth. The story map is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer; it is not optimized for mobile devices.

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Keep up to date on our activities on the master plan website.

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