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Nov. 01, 2020 | Issue 1
Avionics Biokerosene from Gasohol (Bioethanol)
Biokerosene from Gasohol (Bioethanol)
There are reports from media developments considered at "SkyeBlue" as educational/informa-tional or E/I, as this rating goes, that we would like to feature regards the possible exploitation of renewable energy reserves from bioethanol production from fibre that is considered in certain parts of the world as "unpotable" (e. g. for the Indian sub-continent) opening up a scenario for "SkyeBlue" to apply its theoretical and potentially proprietary method of chain polymerization of bioethanol, opening up the possibility of using a new diversified product from this bioresource, say, using agave crop plantation fibre, to be grown either in semi-arid Mexico, Queensland (AU), Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe and even the southern Sahel or sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) where human settlements anew might help check the encroaching desertification of the Sahara desert). Plse. refer to the website or page for: Organische Chemie under their listing of biomedical cos. under biotechnology at

Where is all the energy suppose to come from, to produce such a potentially vast resource? But from the mined mineral rock salt, generated hydrogen gas, phytocropped energy, solar power, hydro and even geothermal energy for the "downstream" chemical process.

Where available, naturally endowed, volcanic-rich soiled countries such as in Africa and including islands in the Philippines, where the author hails from originally, is also very possible in order to exploit further agave as a potential cash crop. Other product stream are available to producing countries such a hi-fructose sweetener or syrup and fermentation of the agave sap for making the well-known and very saleable Mexicano tequila liquor.