Global E-Services Weekly newsletter
Nov. 22, 2020 | Issue 4
Valuable Seagrasses for both Dairy Fodder and Water Soluble Carbohydrate Nutraceutical Production
Fractionation to Prepare the Carbohydrate Food Nutraceuticals

The total carbohydrate content in fruits-n-veggies is described by the following: neutral detergent fibre containing ligneous moieties + cellulose + hemicellulose; the next fraction being composed of pectic substances / beta-glucans + miscellaneous cellular contents as fractionated and, finally, the water soluble carbohydrates (WSC) of mono-, di-, oligosaccharides + fructans (an nonabsorbable WSC).

The details to complete our description of extracting carbohydrate fractions from fruits-n-veggies like berries in this case is to stipulate that the raw, washed fruit that have been flash-frozen and then thawed after transport be crushed and the juice either filtered for packaging into juice boxes or concentrated in cannister format or perhaps for wine fermentation and the pulp/mast filtrate be recovered; both juice and filtrate fractions are to be "dissolved" in food-grade phosphate buffers with both enzymic amyloglucosidase (for starch) and protease (for protein), as active substances, used to clarify either of the two fractions with food preservative added and the WSC precipitated to crystal purity to a white powder and the soluble (i.e. pectic substances/beta glucans) and insoluble fibre fractions (i.e. ligneous moieties + cellulose + hemicellulose) after enzymic treatment in buffer, further filtered and freeze-dried and ground also to a powder consistency. The former is gummy when dissolved in H2O and is v. effective in moderating blood glucose and cholesterol from their absorption with digestion, while the latter is advisable for bulk to help appetite with weight loss and regular bowel movements, amongst other benefits with digestion.

It is optional to either take the powder nutraceutical semi-purified supplements straight with prepared juice or to add dairy with flavourings such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or orange, for example, as a dietetic health drink or tonic for breakfast and after lunch and dinner, as a healthy supplement.

Much more testing is required to assess the veracity of the claims made here for such a nutraceutical product in powdered form aptly stored or preserved on the shelf or fridge, as may be needed.

We are in contact with agri-food professionals in the business and industry, including primary producers, and potential financial investors with whom "SkyeBlue" can potentially collaborate with in future for this proposed juice-making/smoothie-making venture of a nutraceutical product.