Campaign "We Are More Thank A Number:" A joint effort from VIA and El Borde to show the faces behind the Venezuelan forced migrants seeking humanitarian protection.
Today, Venezuelans and Immigrants Aid, VIA, applaud the decision to designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuela's nationals by the US government. The TPS will protect from deportation and permission to work for eligible Venezuelans that have been designated temporarily too dangerous for return. The Biden administration has made the just and fact-based decision to protect more than 300,000 Venezuelan nationals living in the United States. 

At VIA, as advocates and members of the Venezuelan displaced people community, we know the positive impact that legal status can have on people's quality of life. Many of our members live every day in the uncertainty of legal limbo. Such stress and instability are unnecessary and unfair when we can do the right thing.

We want to thank all the members of our community, local organizations, and individuals who, in one way or another, did their part by contributing to the different campaigns we carry out to request humanitarian protection. Especially to "El Borde" for helping us with the "We Are More Than a Number" campaign, one of our most substantial advocacy work for the Venezuela TPS.

We thank the TPS Advocacy Working Group (TPS AWG) for their continued guidance we received from them and for allowing us to be part of their team.

Our commitment to keeping helping our community in the US and raising awareness about the complex humanitarian crisis that is still happening in our country will continue with the same strength and responsibility.

Sincerely yours,

Niurka and Héctor
VIA founders