Volume 1 No 1 | Winter 2021
Welcome to the New England Plan
News & Updates
First Edition -
Introduction, Toward a New Perspective, New Team Members
The New England Plan Group is a non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the lives of New Englanders. Similar to the Regional Plan Association in NY-NJ-CT, the New England equivalent looks at major issues such as transportation, housing, sustainability, and climate change with an eye toward equity, efficiency and governance. We are the agent for New England solutions by New England citizens.
Toward a New Perspective
Post Covid New England

Welcome to the first edition of the New England Plan Newsletter. As most readers will agree we have been through quite a change in our daily lives during the past year. Many of us now work from home with few live interactions with co-workers except through virtual digital communication. Schools and colleges also have moved toward virtual classrooms. So, what will the post COVID New England look like?

For many who work in the travel and leisure industries, it is expected that restaurants and hotels will re-open in some fashion almost like pre-COVID. Venues may be smaller and somewhat reconfigured and new facilities may open to replace those lost to the pandemic. But many other workers will continue to work from home with a variety of hybrid work weeks with some days in the traditional office for client and staff meetings.

These new forms of working will be enhanced with technology and digitization methods including artificial intelligence, tele-medicine and blossoming digital customer interactions.  As working from home becomes less of a temporary fix and more of a lifestyle, the health of local economies will affect the ability of rural towns and former industrial cities to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges that lie ahead.

Meanwhile inclusive equitable growth will require the combined energy and ingenuity of business leaders and policy makers in areas such as environmental protection, climate change and farmland/forest protection. Our New England educational institutions and non-profit organizations must also rise to the call for new methods of training to prepare us for the challenges ahead.

The New England Plan team looks forward to helping many of the cooperating organizations here in the six-state area to promote their individual efforts. These include environmental business goals, state and federal legislative issues, local city and town initiatives, regional environmental efforts and equity in social justice, education and health care. We want to promote their ideas with others for effective change while protecting our shared traditions of self-governance and common local goals.
New Team Members
New to the NEPG Advisory Council -

Scott Zadakis - Scott is a transportation expert who recently stepped down as the Director of Cross-Town Connect, a very successful local transit network among local governments business centers and transportation hubs. Famous for its first-mile/last mile commuting expertise CrossTown Connect has become a statewide and regional model for local transportation networks.

Elena Nicolella - Elena is Executive Director of the New England States Consortium Systems Organization. NESCSO is a organization committed to supporting New England's health and human service agencies. The purpose of the group is eliminate the silos in achieving population health goals. Formerly she was Director of Rhode Island's Medicaid in the RI Office of Health and Human Services.