Welcome to Brownie’s Bulletin, the monthly newsletters from Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing with great tips for the season, our latest specials and we're sharing one of Joyce Brown’s favorite recipes as a treat!  

“Brownie” and Joyce, my mother and father, started Brown’s in 1977 with Dad doing the maintenance and installations and Mom handling the office support and back up. They quickly outgrew their home office and moved to Shrewsbury. The company continued to grow because Dad was customer- and service-oriented. As a small family-owned business, we were able to offer family-friendly service and we knew each of our customers by name!

I am pleased that I get to continue this tradition and look forward to serving all of you with the same attention to detail and quality service.  
Doug Brown
My Dad was from Kentucky and my Mom was from Brooklyn so she had to learn some Southern Cooking for Dad. One of his favorites (and mine, too) was biscuits and gravy. Her recipe for biscuits was basic (you can also cheat with Bisquick if you make sure your fat is cold enough and your oven hot enough). I'm happy to share her recipe for...

White Sausage Gravy 
Take sausage – tube or patties (not links) broken into pieces;  

Sauté until browned … remove from pan, leaving the grease in pan; 

On medium heat, slowly add flour to the grease and stir until brown (it will be a thick consistency); 

Lastly slowly add cold milk, stirring constantly to prevent lumps from forming until it is the consistency that you prefer. 

Then add the browned sausage bits, stir and serve over biscuits…yum! 
We are proud of our employees and plan on highlighting one every month. This month it is Don Pelligrino who is our Chief Operations Officer as well as our “Go To” guy for the Handyman Services we offer.

Don got started in the home services business at age 13 in New York State. He was a freelance worker with Brown’s up until three years ago when he came on staff full-time. He lives in Hazlet and has a daughter, Deanna, who is four years old. When asked what pleases him the most his answer was “Happy customers!” 
All of us have a “Honey-Do” list that just seems to get longer and longer because we can’t find an all-purpose person who can do everything! Well, Don is our answer to that problem! Small plumbing repairs, small electrical repairs, painting, window pane replacement, hanging a new fixture, replacing a washing machine hose…the list can go on and on. I’m sure you can think of what YOU need done … let us help you.

THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL is $100 off any HANDYMAN SERVICE over $300. The offer is good through March 31, 2021. (Visit our website to see our other monthly specials here.) 
Heating Tips for Winter 

Before calling Brown’s and saying “We have no heat,” here are a couple of tips that will help you:

1. Check your thermostat…often we forget something as simple as changing the batteries.
2. Make sure the access panels on furnaces and air handlers are closed tight. 
3. Check electrical and switches to make sure the unit is connected to live power.  

4. Verify open air flow…sometimes it is as simple as just changing the filter.  

Of course, if you have checked everything and you still don't have heat, give us a call so we may immediately get to you and solve the problem!