Direct Support Professional Recognition Week 2021 September 12th-18th

NASP is hosting our own celebration of DSPs this year! Three amazing DSPs from NASP member organizations will be selected for special recognition from your nominations.

Nominations are due by close of business Friday, September 10th. There are no limits to number of DSPs you may nominate.

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It's almost time to CELEBRATE! Join us on August 21st for Madonna School & Community Based Services annual fundraiser, Celebration.

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Improving Supervision in IDD:

Resources, Webinars, and More

Did you know that DSPs who are satisfied with their supervisors are significantly more likely to be satisfied at their current organization? With DSP turnover at an all-time high, supervisors play a critical role in engaging and retaining staff. Failure to hold employees accountable, poor communication on rules and responsibilities, and lack of appreciation are some the main drivers DSP turnover.

To ensure your supervisors have the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to encourage, recognize, and lead staff, visit the Improving Supervision in IDD topic page. This topic page includes e-books, webinars, fact sheets, and more to improve supervision at your organization.

Upcoming Webinar

The Art of Supervision in IDD: Live Q&A with Dennis Reid, Ph.D., BCBA-D

On Thursday, August 26, 2021 at 2 PM ET, Dennis Reid, Ph.D., BCBA-D, will join Relias to answer your questions on being a great leader, mentor, and supporter for your DSP staff. He’ll answer your questions live and provide insights on why supervision is so important in the field of IDD. Register for the webinar and submit your questions here.

Popular Blogs

Supervision in I/DD: Monitoring DSP Job Performance

The longer a DSP has worked in the IDD field, the more important supervisory traits become to them. Supervisors who haven’t been trained in proper monitoring techniques can actually hurt morale and DSP job performance by being overly negative, nitpicky, or just plain rude. To avoid these pitfalls, frontline supervisors should follow these tips for effective performance monitoring.

Supervision in IDD: Using Checklists to Evaluate DSPs

A supervisor’s ability to effectively communicate and hold staff members accountable is key to DSP job satisfaction. The longer a DSP has worked in the field, the more important accountability becomes to them. This is a major reason why supervisors play an important role in creating engaged, loyal, and experienced DSPs.

Leading Through Change: 5 Tips for IDD Organizations

Whether you lead a small team of DSPs or oversee an entire organization, your leadership abilities will impact how you and your staff are able to navigate change. John Nash, the Executive Director of The Arc of North Carolina, shares his five principles IDD leaders can follow during times of change.

Five Tips to Nurture Your IDD Supervisors

DSP turnover can negatively impact your supervisors’ morale, especially if they’re spending most of their efforts backfilling DSPs or working direct support shifts themselves, leaving less time for them to supervise the employees who remain. These five tips can help you proactively address issues your supervisors face so you can nurture and retain these key members of your staff.


Hands of Heartland is getting into the spirit of the Olympics!


Add-on Reimbursement for In-Home COVID-19 Vaccine Administration

Long-Term Care Clients with Special Needs Authorization Process

Federal Update via ANCOR:

CMS Proposes New Rule on Payments to Third Parties

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed a new rule, Reassignment of Medicaid Provider Claims, which would authorize states to make payments to third parties to benefit individual practitioners.

Currently, it appears the language is limited to individuals providing services independently, rather than as employees of a service provider. For example, the rule would likely apply to self-directed services directly employed by the beneficiary receiving services. This is differentiated in proposed §447.10(a)(i) by use of the term "individual practitioner" as opposed to the former "provider".