Products Embroidered In The Name Of Jesus!
The Jesus Hieroglyphic
The Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap  is a blood-red hieroglyphic of the name JESUS. Designed to be non-revealing at first blush and to require some concentration or focus to see the name of Jesus. The principle is that all things worth having require focus. The hieroglyphic design is on the back of cap.
Message your followers

This is the cap with the message you need. But it cannot save you - Christ can.

This cap can point to Him, as those behind you look forward towards Him, often unknowingly.

But for you that is not your issue. You simply present Him. And the cap is merely your forum for the moment.

The message of the cap is clear – He is all around us, even though He starts from the small black graphic on the back.

Rich, red and flowing throughout to all who accept, and available even to those who reject Him.

Is there any point at which He is no longer available? Death is all I know.

Until then, the message is life.
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