Products Embroidered In The Name Of Jesus!
The Jesus Hieroglyphic
The Jesus Hieroglyphic Cap  is a blood-red hieroglyphic of the name JESUS. Designed to be non-revealing at first blush and to require some concentration or focus to see the name of Jesus. The principle is that all things worth having require focus. The hieroglyphic design is on the back of cap.

Written in red, and flowing out and around, continuing to make Himself available to the entire world. He is here.
Always has been.

The world has not seem Him because of their focus on things of the world.

He has never been hidden, but we have been blinded by him who rules the world.

Bleeding blood-red into all who accept Him. Blasting light into the dark, yet remaining lost to those who refuse to focus on Him.

Hear Him, accept Him, serve Him, now.

It is the only time you have.

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