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April 30, 2023

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Negative effects of social media on children

Social media has become a necessary part of our lives. However, in order to reap its benefits, we must also understand it's negative effects. As children are often too young to appreciate some of these, we must ensure that we monitor the use of social media. Please think about the following negative effects of social media on our children:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Facebook Depression
  • Sleep Deprivation
  • Lower Self-Esteem ...
  • Social Isolation ...
  • Lack of Concentration ...
  • Internet Addiction ...
Why is social media bad for kids

Upcoming events

Tuesday May 2

Panoramic and group class photos

Friday May 5

Student led conferences

Friday May 12

Cedar field trip - Fresh Roots Flower Power

Monday May 15

Pine and Fir - Field trip to Science World

Monday May 17

Gauss Math contest

Monday May 22 Victoria Day -


Tuesday May 23

Pro D


Tree Planting - a celebration for Earth week

To celebrate Earth Week, Choice School has been involved in educating our students and community. While there were many events in the community, the school chose tree planting as their way to promote sustainability. 

Many Choice School families and students turned up at Terra Park and spent their Saturday morning planting a variety of shrubs and trees.

in the first ever Mini Forest planted in a public park in western Canada.

Tree planting is the perfect way to honor our amazing planet. As climate change is affecting many areas in a negative way, businesses and consumers are joining many non-profit groups in a tree planting boom. Choice School is proud to be a part of this initiative.

There is not enough land on Earth to tackle climate change with trees alone, but if paired with drastic cuts in fossil fuels, trees can be an important natural solution. They absorb carbon dioxide through pores in their leaves and stash it away in their branches and trunks (though trees also release carbon when they burn or rot). That ability to collect CO2 is why forests are often called carbon sinks.

What a fun way to celebrate Earth Day!

Grandparents Tea

Our first Grandparents Tea was an astounding success. From the moment the grandparents arrived, they were welcomed at the gate by Mr. Bolina and their grandkids. They were then escorted to the gym where they all had assigned seating arranged by Ms. Jameela.

Everybody was treated to some delicious pastries and an assortment of teas.

Grandparents also heard a number of musical performances by our students and a special performance by Majid (and his son). This was a very rewarding afternoon in which grandparents were honored for their contributions to the community. It was really great to see our grandparents enjoy their time at Choice School.

Many thanks to the Starr family (Minty and Flora) who provided many of the delicious pastries that we all enjoyed.

Spring Concert

The spring concert for this year was a celebration of music. And it was a blast. What an amazing performance by our students!

Each of the classes had a very special performance. Since the beginning of January, each class has been practicing their songs for this special day. And the wait was definitely worth it.

Refreshments were offered as parents were invited to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the concert. The purpose of this was to allow parents to mingle and relax. And everyone clearly appreciated this.  

We had over 70 parents, grandparents and family and friends in the gym which was full to capacity. The musical started with a performance by Oak class and concluded with rock n roll performance by Fir class. The whole musical was so energetic!

The performances were as follows:

Oak - I've been working on a railroad

Cedar - Twinkle Twinkle little star

Hemlock - Land of the silver birch

Pine - I am yours

Birch - Bang/Enemy

Fir - Fireworks/Set it all free


There have been a number of chess contests that have taken place in recent weeks. In the BC Chess Challenge tournament that took place four weeks ago, one of our students won first place.

We are so proud of Sky from Cedar class as he is now the grade 2 champion in British Columbia. This is a very prestigious position to hold and requires many hours of practice.

Sky will now represent BC when he participates in the Canadian Chess Challenge in Montreal later in the spring. Well done Sky!

Students awarded for AMC 8

In January 2023, many of our students participated in the American Math Contest grade 8.

Even though this contest is aimed at grade 8 students, many of our grade 8, 7, 6 and 5 students participated. We are so proud that these students are taking the challenge and trying problem solving questions in this contest.

This year, Joshua and Matteo were the first place winners in our school.

Mathematica Centrum math contest  

As we have an enriched math program, this has allowed many of our students to extend their knowledge and application of mathematics.

We offer many math contests for our students, including mathematica centrum. These contests start at grade 3 and so allow our younger mathematicians to showcase their problem solving skills.

Over 20 students participated in these contests - the results will be available by mid-June.

Lynn Canyon

Ecology Centre

On Monday April 24th, Cedar class visited the Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre.

While at the centre, the class explored the beautiful forest we call home, learned about local species of plants and animals, investigated the interconnected web of trees, and even ventured across the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge! 

What an amazing day.

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