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February 28, 2023

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Letters for re-enrollment have now been sent out to all parents. As you know, February marks the start of our re-enrollment season. We offer priority re-enrollment for current Choice families. With many inquiries and confirmed experience days in the coming weeks, it is important that you confirm your re-enrollment for the 2023/24 school year. We ask that you return the tuition agreements right away so that we can start planning for the 2023/24 school year.

Please also note that we are offering enrollment into grade 9 for our grade 8 students.

 Upcoming events

Week beginning March 6

Start of spirit week (see details below)

Sunday March 12

Daylight Savings Time starts

March 13 - March 24

spring break  

Thursday April 6

Pro - D

Mountain Day at Seymour

Last week, the entire school enjoyed a great day on Mount Seymour. After a bus ride to the mountain, students were given a safety talk by the mountain guides. 

Students were climbing up to the tobogganing hill lining up to use their toboggans. Carpets were also provided for those students who did not bring their own toboggans. Everyone had so much fun with many students tobogganing in pairs on the same carpet!

This year, grades Kg – gr 5 were on the toboggans while grades 6 and up went tubing. For many of our students, this was the first time that they had gone tubing (or tobogganing). Although these students were anxious at first, they had a lot of fun once they started. 

Van Gogh Exhibit

130 years after his death, Vincent Van Gogh remains one of the most famous artists of all time. His brushstrokes are widely recognizable and his fandom spans the globe.


Celebrated for both his artistic practice and his persona, the artist produced an oeuvre that stands among the most recognizable art in the world. The distinctive style of his popular paintings defined by thick, painterly brushstrokes and a bright color palette, the luminous landscapes, expressive portraits, and vibrant stills have come to represent the artist.


Van Gogh’s art became astoundingly popular after his death, especially in the late 20th century when his work sold for record-breaking sums at auctions around the world and was featured in blockbuster touring exhibitions.

During this month, our Hemlock and Birch classes were fortunate enough to pay a visit to the exhibition in Surrey. They were treated to some amazing artwork and multi-media that offered a multi-sensorial celebration of Van Gogh’s major creative works.

Museum of Vancouver

Oak and Cedar classes visited the Museum of Vancouver on Monday February 13th, 2023. Here we engaged in a scavenger hunt around the grounds of the museum, the maritime museum, and the Vancouver archives. We searched for statues, old relics, and even learned a little bit of Viking rune. We then took part in a archeology dig, finding different materials and tools used by First Nations in BC. The students did an amazing job inferring what the pieces were used for.

Finally, we engaged in an Inuit season game, where the students had to use their trivia skills to try to survive a harsh winter in Northern Canada. It was a day full day and we had so much fun.

Financial Literacy (Money)

This term, Oak is studying financial literacy to build student understanding of the importance of money.

Financial Literacy is not only in the curriculum, but it helps us to practice our subtraction and addition skills in a real-world context. We learned about the value of Canadian coins and bills, and also did some grocery shopping. When shopping, students had to pick three items that they think would be good for dinner and plan to see if they had enough money to buy what they wanted. 

A visit from a former Principal

A couple of weeks ago, a former Principal of Choice School came by for a visit. Lynn Chatres was the Principal at the school prior to Mr. Bolina. Although some staff members are new and do not know Ms. Chatres, many former staff members and students were very happy to meet and share stories with Ms. Chatres.

Buddy classes

We know that our primary classes (Oak and Cedar) love it when the older students come and spend some time with them. A few weeks ago, students from Birch class spent some time with students in Oak. Some read books while others played games together. In the photo above we can see Avery trying to teach the Rubik's cube to Caleb.

Handicap Parking

A parking permit for people with disabilities ensures that, when a person has mobility limitations, they can park in one of the designated parking spots.

People with mobility limitations are entitled to a permit even if they do not own a vehicle, as long as the parking permit holder is either driving or being transported in the vehicle. A valid parking permit must be displayed when the vehicle is parked in a designated spot.

As Choice School has now designated this parking spot, please ensure that you respect it so that it is available for those that need it. Thank-you!

"Fun" spirit week

The last week before spring break (Mar 6 - Mar 10)will be a "fun spirit week" where students (and staff) will come to school with a particular theme. The proposal is as follows:

Monday - Pyjama day,

Tuesday - Dress like a teacher day,

Wednesday - Historical Day,

Thursday - Crazy Hair Day (each class will be given a color to wear),

Friday - Colour Day (each class will select a color to wear)

Its been a tough and challenging couple of months. Lets end this term on a fun note!

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