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Morse Culinary Hungry Tiger

On Monday, March 13, 2023, The Hungry Tiger was featured on Fox 5 news.

On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, 50 Morse students attended the Hospitality conference at the Rady Shell in Down Town, San Diego.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, students catered for 50 judges at the Greater San Diego Science Fair in Balboa park.

Fox 5: Breakfast By Hungry Tiger Restaurant

Black Student Union (BSU) presents

The Community Cultural Event

BSU hosted the 2nd annual Community Cultural Event on March 4,2023. The community was invited, and there were vendors, informational tables, food, music, and performances. This was a great opportunity for Morse High School to reconnect with our community and families.

Morse High School's staff voted for Morse to transition from a 6-period a day traditional bell schedule to a 4x4 bell schedule for the 2023-24 school year.

On a 4x4 schedule, students take 4 classes during semester 1 (Q1 and Q2) and then they take 4 different classes during semester 2 (Q3 and Q4). So instead of earning a total of 12 semester credits for an entire school year, students can earn 16 credits. Classes on a 4x4 schedule are approximately 90 minutes per period instead of approximately 60 minutes on a 6-period day schedule. 

Morse's A 4 x 4 block schedule will allow our students and teachers to receive increased instructional time. Students will be able to concentrate on only four courses per semester. Teachers will be able to work with fewer students during the semester because they typically teach fewer classes and students and teachers can prepare for fewer courses each semester. 

More information to follow. 

New Attendance Clerk

Please give a warm welcome to Beatriz Cabanas for joining the Morse High School Family. Beatriz will be in the attendance office from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. 

If you have any attendance questions please email Mrs. Beatriz Cabanas at [email protected]


VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) teachers, Ms. Stauffer and Mr. Smith have Over 10 students each who will be featured in the 2023 SDUSD Art Exhibition. The reception will be held this Wednesday (March 15) from 4:30-6:30pm. The exhibit will run until April 6.

2023 Art Exchibition

Sheena Francisco (10th Grade) won the VAPA Spotlight Award for Creative Leadership.

Please congratulate Sheena Francisco!

It is out great pleasure to announce that 4 students from Morse have been selected to be part of the SDUSD Honor Band!


The District Honor Band is an audition-only group comprised of students from all the high schools in the district. Being selected as part of the group is a great honor and gives the students a chance to meet music students from other schools and build lasting friendships.


This is, to the best of our knowledge, the most students that Morse has ever had in the District Honor Band in one season (we didn’t have any audition for the Honor Orchestra this year)!

The students who will be representing Morse this year are:

Anjomar Jocosing – Flute (12th grade)

Jordani Diaz – Clarinet (11th grade)

Casey Apilado – Horn (10th grade)

Dyllan Fernandez – Bassoon (9th grade)


Be sure to congratulate them on the achievement! Especially Anjomar, as he auditioned so well that he is going to be the Principal Flute for the Honor Band! I don’t think any student from Morse has even been placed as a principal player for any instrument before, in band or orchestra; this is a big deal!

Mr. Uhuru, the Restorative Justice Coordinator, has completed the Youth Leadership Program to prepare our students to not only facilitate community circles in classrooms, the students are beginning the foundational work of supporting a positive school culture.


We are in the process of initiating classroom circle co-facilitation implementation with our Youth Leadership Program students.

Twenty-five YLP students are:

Ahmed Althalmi, Naomi Destiny Anisso, Victor Hugo Badillo Jr., Khalif Ahmir Bloome, Dallas Booker, Nichlous Brook, Angelica Campo, Nya Chambers, Jada Angelina Clay, Lovely Florina, Gentry-Thomas, Ariadna Gomez, Therren Jones, Dayna King, Raine Latada, Arianna Nicole Louis, Jera Mae Medina, Evelyn Nahomy Mejia Bonilla, Khalil Mitchell, Azalia Rachel Nava, Xarieya Mitchell, Lord Albert Dano Partosa, Durrell Peru-Jackson, Rocio Alexandra Rendon, DeAndre Young, Yasmine Zufri

Parent Institute for Quality Engagement (PIQE)

In the spring of the 2022-23 school year, Morse had 7 parents graduate from the PIQE program (Parent Institute for Quality Engagement).

From January to March, these parents attended weekly parent informational meetings at Morse High School. They learned how to secure financial aid for their children, how to read a high school transcript, and more.

On Wednesday, March 8th, Morse's PIQE program held a graduation ceremony for the following parents:  

Anthony Cedillo

Margarita Munguía*

Edwardo Proaño

María Proaño

Keddy Salas

Rafael Valdez

Yolanda Zavala

PIQE is a national organization with evidence-based programs that engage, empower and transform parents to actively engage in their children’s education and strengthen parent-school collaboration. PIQE provides empowering information, skills development and support systems for low-income families, communities of color, English Learner and immigrant families.

Morse will hold additional PIQE classes for parents during the 2023-24 school year. If interested, be on the lookout for upcoming dates.

Free Online Tutoring for all students in California!

Click the link below to take advantage of this free of charge opportunity! 

Free Online Tutoring Link


Modified Days: (Early release at 1:34 p.m) April 13th and 27th.

CASSAS: April 8th, 15th, and 22nd. (Summons will be given to students)

Next Grading Period Ends: April 21, 2023.

Get Involved


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School Wide Articulation

February 23rd, 2023. Students will begin the process of selecting their courses for next year. 

Summer School will be held at Canyon Hills High School (formerly Serra High). 

June 20-July 21 (5 weeks)


Students can take up to four classes

Transportation will be provided or students can use your own transportation. 

Student counselor will sign you up during articulation (Feb-Apr). 

CRASH #3 will begin Apr. 25th.

If you are enrolled in CRASH, make sure to keep up with the work and turn it in regularly. 

Lots of scholarships are available for seniors… FREE MONEY!

See senior Google Classroom or Ms. Ridge for more info. 

Every seniors should be applying to AT LEAST five scholarships. 

Greetings Tigers! 

Click here for the Counseling Newsletter.


CAL SOAP events for April:


The Wellness Center (Rm 100) is a safe, non-judgmental, inclusive space for all high school students. We cultivate a positive school climate & our students come first.

We have groups, one-on-one Wellness Check-Ins, Life Skills

Education, Student-Led Wellness opportunities, Activities (mindfulness, coping skills, exercise, art, self-care etc.), On The Go Snacks & much more.

The Wellness center offers a unique model that includes a team of highly trained FamilyYouth Partners, supervised by a licensed mental health clinician to provide: 

  • Short term case management to coordinate care, and link to appropriate

      resources and services. 

  • Mentoring and coaching to help families navigate through behavioral health, physical healthcare, education, child welfare, legal, and juvenile justice systems.
  • Strengthening support networks for families
  • Advocating for parents and caregivers by attending key meetings, such as for Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and court hearings. 
  • Educating the community on a variety of behavioral health topics. 

What’s Happening in the Wellness Center

Harmonium Family Youth Partner Program- Also having openings for Grief Support and Coping Skills Group. Call or Email Ms. Rasheedah to join. 619-366-6174 or [email protected]


Support Groups are starting this month:

Anxiety, Stress Management, Grief & Community Building 


Walk-in hours are during lunch and after-school.

Any other time a pass or appointment is necessary. 

Look forward to seeing you in the Wellness Center Rm 100


Health Office Hours (Friendly Reminders)

Open: Monday-Friday from 8 am - 4 pm

Closed: during Prep Period - 5th Period  

Go to the Main Office for Assistance 

Please send student with a pass. 

School Nurse: Kathy Tscherch (E: [email protected] / Extension 3050)

Health Tech: Jackie Klein (E: [email protected] / Extension 3051) 

COVID-19 Test Kits: Come by the Health office if you or your student need any at-home Rapid Antigen Test kits. Two tests/testing kit. 

Latest COVID-19 Decision Tree Update on 12/4/22 for K-12 Schools in the following link

COVID-19 Information

Nurse Kathy wanted to share Mental Health Resource Card. This card was created by one of the SDSU nursing students (Christina Peterson)that works with Nurse Kathy.

Visit our Website
Mental Health Resource Card with QR code


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