August 2022

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From Michelle's Desk!

Dear Friends in Christ,

How on earth can we be through most of the summer already?! 

A Prayer of Praise

Praise to You, God, for long warm days,

for buzzing bees and chirping crickets,

for shade trees and gentle breezes.

Praise to You for the earth’s rotation,

for our cycle around the sun,

for “sun, moon, and stars in their courses above.”

Praise to You for the order of the universe,

the variety of the seasons,

and the gift of another summer.

I hope your summer has been all of these things and more. I hope you’ve been able to unwind, enjoy your family & friends and the neighbors that you rarely see in the winter months. I hope you can look back at the last couple months and it makes you smile.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)

The season is going to change before we know it and there may be uncertainty in new classes, maybe new schools with new teachers, quieter (cleaner?!) houses, busier schedules with fall sports & activities, programs starting back up. For some, this may be a time of “firsts.” First day of kindergarten, middle school, high school or even college, the first day of confirmation, the first time you’ve attended a Bible study, small group or choir, it might be the first fall without a loved one.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” (Galatians 5:22-23 NIV)

I challenge you to seize the joy of the remainder of this season. Embrace the summer and all of its goodness. Start each day with a prayer of gratitude to our Father, and then go and enjoy the sun and outdoors while you can! Go to the lake, the river, the pool. Savor an ice cream cone or Mo’s Shaved ice, run through a sprinkler with your kids or your pup, tend to your flowers or garden–whatever brings you summer joy.  If you want to take this challenge even further, see how you can incorporate the fruits of the spirit into your summer activities. Maybe share the joy and invite friends over for the afternoon. Practice patience with your children as they call your name for the millionth time or when you have to ask them to do something for the hundredth time. Exhibit self-control when you are offered your tenth s’more. Offer peace when there is fighting over the last slice of watermelon. Show yourself an extra dose of kindness to yourself when you step on the scale after eating those nine s’mores, knowing priceless memories are being made. (adapted from Sarah Lundgren)

And after you enjoy all the “lasts” of summer, come see us. You will never regret the time spent worshipping with community. We’ve got a lot of exciting things happening in the fall that we can’t wait to share with you! There will be something for everyone; big things are happening at House of Prayer!



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New Newsletter Name!!

...and the winner is PEW NEWS! We had 16 votes and the largest majority was Pew News.

Thanks to all who voted! We will strive to have the newsletter out by the 1st of each month, but with all of the Fall changes, the August newsletter was delayed until everything could be finalized. 

I appreciate all of the newsletter contributors which help to make your Pew News more enjoyable and newsworthy! If anyone wants to include an article, please let me know!

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House of Prayer

Confirmation Kick Off

Wednesday, September 7th

6:30-8:00 pm

Welcome all 6th, 7th & 8th grade youth and parents.  

We will gather for food & fellowship and will go over the confirmation program and requirements for the year. If your child attended Sunday School at House of Prayer last year, you will automatically be contacted. If you are new to House of Prayer, please call the church office at 701-223-2202 or Tracie Emineth at 701-425-7857 to register and get more information. More details to come in August.









House of Prayer Summer Youth Retreat

July 22-28, 2022




Chancel choir welcomes all, near and far! Anyone aged 14 to 104 is welcome to join our ministry; no choral experience necessary. Beginning Tuesday, September 6th at 6:00pm, we meet weekly in the sanctuary and fellowship hall to sing, laugh, and praise the Lord, all while preparing anthems to enhance worship services. For inquiries about this special opportunity, please contact Rhonda Gowen at 701-471-1656 or Jane Gowen at

Children’s Ministry News


Hello everyone!! Summer is coming to an end, with that Church School will be starting up as well!


We are super excited with the new addition of our Wednesday night church school! 


WEDNESDAY SESSION:  6:00-7:30pm, Kick-off/Start Date September 14, 2022


SUNDAY SESSION:  9:00-10:15/30am Kick-off/Start Date September 11, 2022


If you haven't signed up yet, we look forward to receiving your registration(s)! Please email me for further information! 



Phobe Frye

Children’s Ministry Coordinator


Register for Sunday School

Dear Friends in Christ, 


Designated Benevolence Report January 1st, 2022, through June 30, 2022.


WND Synod - Campus Ministry - $425.87

Missouri Slope Care Center - $851.71

Camp of the Cross - $1,703.41

WND Synod - $17,034.247


Total       $20,015.52


 Thank you everyone, for your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.


God's Peace

Budget & Finance 


Keith Zhorela  

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The water seepage issue in the basement was completed. This solution seems to be working. However Innovative Basement Authority suggest we go one step further by doing water proofing on the outside of the wall. This would be completed by excavation of the ground outside.  Cost would be $12.000 to $13,000 by the time we replace the landscaping. 

We have replaced the old fluorescent lights, in Pastor Joel’s office, Vera’s office and the Library with the new LED lights. In the Month of August we will continue with replacing lights in the mail room, coat room, hallway and the Narthex.

We still have an immediate opening for a Custodial Property Manage position for our church. The position will include the cleaning of the church and repairs, lawn and snow removal. Anyone interested or if you know of anyone contact Reinie Kembel at 701-391-8892.

Thank You,



Thank you for being a part of God’s mission at House of Prayer! Just the fact that you are reading this demonstrates your desire to be a part of God’s kingdom.

As we continue to on our stewardship journey, I will share another excerpt from the book “Embracing Stewardship.” Last month we learned about the word “steward” and we’ll expand on that here.  The English word steward comes from two older words: “sty” and “ward.” Sty is an enclosure (think pigsty). Ward is the keeper. So, we are the keepers of God’s enclosure, so to speak. He is the owner, and we are the managers.

With God there is never a transfer of ownership. With God there is a delegation of authority. God puts human beings in charge much as a store owner puts a manager in charge. We are all called to care for God’s creation in our own way, with our own unique talents and gifts.

An important characteristic of a faithful steward is described in 1 Peter: “Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received” (4:10). Stewards don’t exist to enrich themselves. Stewards exist to serve others—the owner to be sure, but also other people who can benefit from the steward’s work. The focus of the steward is always outward.  Kadon Hintz & Jarred Roloff

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Many of you have already received a couple of emails with the link to the new directory. If you have provided an email address to the church, you were sent a User Id and password to access the new directory. Once you access the directory, you can edit your information, add your own photo and view the directory. It will take time for everyone to add their photos, but when it is complete, I think it will be amazing! It will constantly be updated as people move and change phone numbers, etc. Remember, if you want to change your photo to something new every now and then, go for it!  

For those of you that did not receive the email, please give me a call at the office (701)-223-2202 and I will give you your User ID and a password which you can then change to something that works for you. You will then be able to do all of the above changes.

If you don't have a photo or know someone that needs a photo taken, please let me know. I can take one if they come to the office or if you have a camera on your cell phone you can also take one and upload and email to the church email address as well. Please spread the word to your fellow parishioners who don't have email!

The link to the new directory is

I want to take a minute to thank my Co-chair on the Directory Committee, Marie St. Aubin, who worked tirelessly along side me to get all of the information entered. It took many man hours to transfer all of the information into the directory, but we were able to meet my goal of August 1st! Thanks Marie!



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Please consider helping! The job is easy!! Chris Reinicke has made a video explaining exactly how to stream the service on Facebook--so many are relying on the online streaming and our streamers have worked hard at this for over 2 years. It would be wonderful to have a few more people on board to help! It's an easy thing to learn, please contact Dana Hager, Chris Reinicke or Michelle Hintz if interested.  

Sign Up Genius

The summer session of BIO Girls is well underway! These girls will be finishing their season off running the Bismarck Marathon 5k! Thank you to House of Prayer for donating the wonderful space to us yet again!  

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The kids have Sunday School, teens have confirmation and Senior High youth....and we have Bible study on Wednesdays at 9am but that's not convenient for a lot of you. SO, stay tuned for more details but know there is something in the plans for YOU!  

September 8th!

Shawn Reynolds is an international comedian, dad of SIX, the founder of Stand-Up for Adoption, a comedy benefit that has raised has raised thousands for families trying to adopt children with special needs. He's won numerous awards for his "clean comedy" and he's coming to HOP on September 8th for a fun night of comedy for couples. 

Check out his website to learn more:  

Visit Shawn's Website

Lots of fun dates were celebrated in July! Celebrate the special people in your life by sponsoring flowers! $25ea and you can take them home after the service. Sign up in the narthex or call the office!  

Kadon & Michelle Hintz's 19th wedding anniversary;

Quinn & Blakely Frye's 3rd birthday;

Brad & Cammy Erickson's 37th wedding anniversary; 

Joel Samuelson's 50th birthday;

In memory of Alex Ruud & Garrett Hoelscher from Carmen Redding


Putting the Ha in Hallelujah


Q. How can you make God laugh?

A. Tell him your plans.



Six-year-old Ned's mother was looking through an old family Bible when an oak leaf fell out. Ned said, "I guess that must be Adam's shorts."



When my son, William, was young, we belonged to a small country church. On Communion day, deacons would pass around the “bread and juice.” One Sunday, we attended a church out of town that was more formal. What our church called bread and juice, this one referred to as elements, a word William didn’t understand. As Communion began, the pastor said, “If the deacons will come forward, the elements will pass among us.” William was suddenly excited and I didn’t know why. Then he leaned toward me, whispering something that caused me to burst out laughing. With all eyes on us, I took him by the hand and we made a hasty exit. All the way to the car, he protested. “Mom, we’re going to miss the circus. The pastor said the elephants were going to pass among us!

“You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”  

2 Corinthians 9:11

Pastor Joel Samuelson

Minister of Discipleship - Michelle Hintz

House of Prayer’s Church Council

Jarred Roloff            President/Stewardship

Kadon Hintz      Vice President/Stewardship

Dawn Stave       Secretary/Mutual Ministries

Keith Zhorela               Treasurer

Amy Erickson              Mutual Ministries

Dana Hager                 PR Committee

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Reinie Kembel            Building & Grounds

Chris Reinicke             PR Committee

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