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October 2022

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Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? Join ORVA's Be a Hero Challenge! Just like the Superheroes in your favorite comic books and movies, you can be a hero in your school and community by completing good deeds. ORVA heroes will be recognized at our Open House event at the OMSI on November 16th. Those unable to attend Open House, will receive their recognition in the mail.

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School Spotlights

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Learning Coaches, 

What a remarkable month September has been, and we are here to embrace what the future holds. Please join me in giving a huge shout out to teachers; they have been amazing in the first month of school and have been working relentlessly to ensure your student has the best possible experience at ORVA. Our teachers at ORVA are phenomenal, and I am truly humbled to work alongside them. 

Teachers are eager to meet you and your student(s) at...

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Academic Dates!

In middle school this month, teachers are finishing up the last few weeks of

Quarter 1. Please remind your student of these important academic dates:

  • 10/24/22: This is the last day teachers will assign work for students that will count toward a grade for Quarter 1.
  • 11/2/22 Last day for students to submit Quarter 1 work for a grade.
  • 11/4/22: End of Quarter 1

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Happy October, Families!   

Fall is starting to roll out! To start the season, the first issue of our student newspaper, The Butterfly Times, is available to view HERE. Check out the Fall issue which has some great student work, introductions to the Times staff, and ideas for spooky fun. We are looking forward to our October adventures this month with our in-person Pumpkin Patch event and, for high school students, a virtual trip through the Winchester Mystery House. Clubs are getting started this month and there are...

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School-Based Counseling Services

ORVA offers short-term, school-based counseling for students by staff referral or by request of the student or legal guardian. School-based counseling services, either individually or in a small group setting, are short-term and solution-focused, targeted to the learning environment. Counseling services are delivered by appropriately credentialed staff members, including School Counselors, School Psychologists, and/or School Social Workers. School-based counseling is completely voluntary...

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Orders for October are currently being accepted. Scholastic is delivering books directly to homes, rather than shipping them to the teacher to hand out. Be sure to choose the ship to home option when you’re ready to order.


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Student Showcase

The Student Showcase is only available in the Newsletter copy sent directly to students and their learning coaches.

Learning Coach Corner

Welcome to fall, ORVA families! Thanks for coming back to School Psych’s Tips & Tricks for behavior. I am sure you’ve noticed that what once appeared to be a very motivated school year, has begun to be a bit less motivating for your students. Or, you have a student who has been struggling to motivate all along. One key piece to motivation is routine. Let’s talk about some things we can do to help our students stay or get ON TRACK. Read more>>

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