Oak Ridge Cemetery News
Oct 2022 | Issue 4
A note from director Fitch

Customer service remains at the top of my goals list as my list is constantly evolving. It was a pleasure meeting Gian Paul Gonzalez earlier this month at the Central Illinois Customer Service Association (CILCSA) training. His message was living "All In." He asked us to commit to something that we can give our all and be "All In" for.

As I walk into my third year as the director at Oak Ridge, I am "All In" for elevating Oak Ridge inside and outside the gates. Stay tuned.

Be well,

Lashonda, executive director
The Cemetery
Office Expansion

Pictured above is five members of the cemetery board of managers at the 1949 Oak Ridge Cemetery office dedication. As the cemetery continued to grow, it was vital to have adequate space for the safe keeping of records. In addition, keeping operations separate from personal living space. Learn more about the evolution of Oak Ridge Cemetery at one of our upcoming History of Oak Ridge virtual or in-person events.

Photo credit: C. Mann
SCHS Cemetery Walk
Mother Enos
Thomas Rees
The Players
ICYMI... The 17th annual Sangamon County Historical Society "Walk through Oak Ridge Cemetery" was a success! The eight actors and actresses were phenomenal and portrayed the decedents very well.

Salome Paddock Enos- (1791- 1877) was the wife of Pascal Enos who opened the first land office in the Springfield District. She donated $3 million worth of property for a new State Capitol. Portrayed by Carol Woodrum (first pic)

Mr. Thomas Rees (1850-1933) was the long-time publisher of the Illinois State Register and Illinois Senator. Upon his death, he left funds to build the carillon in Washington Park that bears his name.
Portrayed by Dave Vandevoort (center pic)

ORCF Tree Tour
Kids Table
Ginkgo biloba
The Oak Ridge Cemetery Foundation's 8th annual tree tour was well attended and full of colorful leaves! 28 trees were featured in this year's walk. To date, over 150 trees have been documented and are available for adoption.

Leaves, pumpkins, and acorns were among the many things at this year's tree tour. One of the acorns (pictured above) takes two years to grow! We learned that this is a nut worth waiting for. The squirrels at Oak Ridge have a variety of nuts to feast from but really enjoy these.

The Ginkgo tree (pictured in the center) is one of several scattered throughout Oak Ridge. This tree is from East Asia and can live for more than 1000 years! Are you familiar with Ginkgo biloba? It is sold as a supplement for memory support and brain health. However, Guy advises us not to take the plum-like fruit pulp home as it is not edible.

Take Note
Walk in gate closure

Effective November 1, the east gate aka the walk-in gate will be closed for the season. The gate will reopen on
April 1, 2023
Final Gravesite clean-up in 2022
Today through October 30, all gravesite decorations must be removed. Any decorations placed will be removed and discarded. This includes decorations in the Memorial Chapel.

Items can return on October 30.

The next decoration clean-up is March 1- March 15, 2023.
Winter Wreaths
It's time to order your winter wreaths!

The deadline for Wreath orders is:
November 14, 2022

Payment options

  1. Mail your check.
  2. Credit card via a secured link via email( 2% credit card processing fee applies)

Make checks payable to:
Oak Ridge Cemetery
1441 Monument Ave.
Springfield, IL 62702

Questions call 217.789.2340

Dedicated to Oak Ridge
Reilly Schweska an equipment operator I, recently celebrated his fifth year at Oak Ridge!
He is one of our many assets.
Matt Farrell, grounds foreman and equipment operator II (pictured above) was called in on a Sunday. Here is a snapshot of his operator skills while using a backhoe to move large tree trunks and limbs.
A note from grounds coordinator

Oak Ridge Cemetery has numerous objects along the roadway that are often damaged by vehicles. Pictured above are examples of items that have been damaged in the cemetery. One of our stop signs and a black pole across from Lincoln's Tomb.

Please use caution when driving in the cemetery and always be aware of your surroundings, especially when backing up your vehicle.

Thank you and be safe,

Oak Ridge Trivia

Lincoln's tomb is the largest monument in Oak Ridge, who has the second largest monument?

The answer will be published in the next newsletter.

How many Illinois Governors are interred in Oak Ridge?

Answer: Four
Tanner, Cullom, Bissell, and Edwards

Resident of the month
Tanya caught this fearless creature watching her in Block 5.
Capturing the Oak Ridge Experience
Did you know...
“Plot” means space in the cemetery used or intended to be used, for the interment of human remains or inurnment of cremated remains. The term includes and applies to one, or more than one, adjoining grave and or space, one or more than one adjoining crypt or one or more than one adjoining niche.
Keeping up with Technology
Take Note...
Scattering at Oak Ridge is not allowed.

The scattering of cremated remains is prohibited both on common cemetery property and on grave spaces/lots where interment rights are owned. All cremated remains are to be interred in retrievable containers, with complete cemetery records afforded for each inurnment. Urns and Urn Vaults can be purchased at the cemetery office.

A full copy of the cemetery's rules and regulations can be found here.