Oak Ridge Cemetery News
Sept 2022 | Issue 3
A note from Director Fitch

Michael and I have been very busy the past couple of months with our community outreach. Although it is unusual to see a cemetery booth at a vendor fair or a farmers market, it is important that we continue to share with the community all that Oak Ridge has to offer.

Oak Ridge Cemetery has been owned and operated by the City of Springfield since its inception in 1855. Furthermore, Oak Ridge is rich in history. It offers above-ground options, indoor spaces, and family estate options for burials. In addition, it is the only public mausoleum in Sangamon County and there is plenty of burial space remaining.

If you see us out in the community, don't hesitate to stop by our table and say hello. As always it is a pleasure meeting new people, seeing familiar faces, and serving our community!

Be well,

Lashonda, Executive Director
Sales and Projects Coordinator, Loscher was up early on a Saturday morning to set up the booth at the farmers market.

It was another opportunity for us to provide the community with information about Oak Ridge. We thank all who visited our table.

A special thanks to DSI for the opportunity!
Director Fitch is a team player! She helped staff the Public Works and Creative Reuse booths at the Outlet's 7th annual Bridging the Gap Community BBQ.

She also tapped into her inner child and got her arm painted. Her favorite color is blue and the butterfly is known for its resilience, transformation, and a symbol of hope.
Winning at Oak Ridge
Thank you for visiting our booth at the Senior and Veterans Day at the fair. Congrats to all!
Gravesite floral decoration
Beer Nut Snack Pack
Unwind with a bottle of wine
Preserving History
Another job completed by City's the Public Works Street Division. Thank you so much for taking care of this much needed repair in a timely manner. We appreciate all that you do for our community!
Safety First
Director Fitch and Operations Coordinator, Moffett attended equipment safety training last month. They learned how to properly warm up and cool down the equipment. The dangers of stored hydraulic fluid under pressure, the three-point of contact while entering and exiting, and how to prevent head injuries or tripping hazards.
These orange mushrooms allure you with their vibrant color. However, they are poisonous!
A Note from our Operations Coordinator
Photo credit: J. Moffett

Always be aware of your surroundings, especially during windy conditions. Limbs fall from trees, the cemetery gutters are deeper than gutters on the traditional road, and the various animals create holes in the grounds.

Oak Ridge Cemetery has thousands of beautiful trees. Many are in need of removal. Please use extra caution when near or under a tree, especially during or after a storm.

The Cemetery is working on a plan to remove the trees to improve the safety of all. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Be safe,

Photo Credit: R. Schweska
Oak Ridge Trivia
How many Illinois Governors are interred in Oak Ridge?

The answer will be provided in the next newsletter.
Resident of the month
Check out this red-tail hawk!

The red-tailed hawk is a bird of prey that breeds throughout most of North America, from the interior of Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies.

Photo Credit: E. Entwistle
Upcoming Events
Final Arrangements Dinner- Open to the public
Oak Ridge Cemetery Office

09/28/22 5:30pm - 09/28/22 7:00pm

Learn more about how to best prepare for your final resting place.
Space is limited. RSVP r'qd. ?'s call- 217.789.2340. This event is free.
I'll be there!
I can't make it

Ride of Honor

October 9, 2022

Free and open to the public!

Temple Garden Tree Tour

October 15, 2022

From 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Free and open to the public!

Capturing the Oak Ridge Experience
Grave markers and memorials
A columbarium is a structure for urns, holding cremated remains of the deceased.
Take Note...

Memorials are fragile personal property.

Therefore, anyone who wishes to clean, replace or add a new memorial to a gravesite or lot will need the written consent of the property owner, or next of kin. If the marker is a military marker, the Veteran’s Administration must give permission to clean and or replace the marker.

A full copy of the cemetery's rules and regulations can be found here