January 2023

New Year, New You!

Directory Cover Photo Contest

TrioTel customers are invited to enter our directory cover photo contest for a chance to win $50 and have their name and photo printed on the 2022 directory cover! Email digital photos to [email protected]


Images must be 300 DPI to ensure high quality printing. Written permission will be needed for any photos containing people who are easily identifiable. Entries are due by March 1st!

Directories get mailed out to all of our members during the spring of each year. It includes phone listings, local business advertisments, TrioTels Bylaw Statements, and even helpful tips, tricks and safety information. If you would like a TrioTel Directory, stop in the office to pick up a free book.

Most Googled

Top Searched in 2022!

This year, the world searched “can i change” more than ever before. From changing careers to seeking new outlooks on life, people are finding ways to reimagine themselves and reshape the world around them.

From Wordle to Johnny Depp, click below to read the top searched in 2022.

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Download the Enhanced WIFI App

The CommandIQ App is an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile application that gives you control over your home network. Set up a guest WIFI network, set parental controls, provide basic policy management and associate devices in the network to household members.

*must have TrioTel's Enhanced WIFI to use CommandIQ App

To link your Enhanced WIFI Service to the CommandIQ App:

  1. Download the CommandIQ App
  2. Create an account or if you forget the password to access your CommandIQ, select “Forgot Password?” to reset and access your account
  3. Scan the QR Code that is on the bottom of the Router
  4. Name the network and create a password if you are setting up for the first time OR if your network is already set up; enter the existing WIFI password for your network
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