Dear readers, 

You all make American Schools of Angola a cherished community. We are grateful for all your support throughout as we proudly launch the inaugural issue of our ASA Newspaper. 

Parents, from our childhood, we all have those fond memories of fairytales, knights with an armour and make-believe stories shared by grandparents, parents and friends. How we loved writing our names or scribbling on the beach. Every painting had a rising sun and birds flying high. Least did we know that it is the last time that we are picking up a crayon or reading a picture book or drawing a sketch. Its time to soak in nostalgia and relive your childhood with the apple of your eye.

Our newspaper is an attempt to shape the literary skills of our scholars. With your support and trust in us, you will be proud of them as they are acquiring the skillset and right attitude to thrive in a rapidly changing world. You will witness our journalists, budding authors, shining scientists, drama stars, amazing athletes and compassionate citizens. They will be an asset to the community and country at large. 

ASA Team, it’s you all who turn our every thought into a reality by your dedication and passion for excellence. You make us proud. 

Let this year be a celebration of the written word and a testament to the transformative power of literacy in shaping the minds and hearts of our students. 

Students, We highly appreciate the special one in each of you. We reaffirm our commitment for that EXTRA to groom you all to #BeExtraordinary

Happy Reading. 

Dr. Babita Parashar (Academic Director) 



Mrs. Domingas Morais leads our English language learner initiative. Her passion and dedication for the drive has been exemplary. The pride and sense of accomplishment seen in her students makes us proud of her. Keep up the good work, you ar ehighly appreciated.


Joel Agostinho is our shining star. We are proud to mention that student centered and self paced curriculum at American Schools of Angola empowered Joel Agostinho to earn his High School Diploma while being in grade 11. Congratulations and best wishes.


Were you a good pupil? 

I would say I was a good student, but I was very mischievous, as a child I didn't have the conditions to go to school so one day as a 5-year-old I followed one of the older kids to a school, when the staff realised I wasn't a student they let me take a test and I was accepted into the school!.

Do you remember your best teacher? 

No, I am very bad with memory and often forget important events like birthdays, the way that I remember some names is by making nicknames. But I remember her face. 

Is education for you important? 

Yes, the most important thing is education. 

Do you know all the names of the students at the ASA? 

No, because I have bad memory. 

Do you think that Angola is investing enough in education? 

No but they are going in the right direction. 

I think Angola needs to invest more in education because it is one of the most important things in life. 

How is your daily routine? 

My routine is crazy, but I learned to prioritise things and make to do lists." 


Can you please say to our readers a word of motivation? 

Believe in yourself and think big! 

What are your plans? 

I want this school to also have an University and Preparatory Campus so that we can offer every level of education to students!" 

Since when are you living in Angola? 

Since November 2017. 

Can you please tell our readers about your daily routine? 

I wake up ate 06:30, take a shower, 3 days a week I go to the gym, come back at 09:30, take a second bath, eat, and spend all day in the office.  

Were you a good student? 

I was not a good student because I liked sports more, I did gymnastics and football. 

How was school back then? 

My school was wonderful. 

Do you think Education is important? 

Yes, of course. 

How is ASA contributing to Angola’s Education? 

In a good way, yes! For a good future. 

Can you please tell our readers the name of your favourite food and animal? 

My favourite food is shrimp.
My favourite animal is dog. 




Our son was being home schooled, looking forward to starting formal education to enter kindergarten at the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, the entire world went into pandemic shutdown and it was only 2 years later that he was able to start school for the first time in 2022, at the age of six. 

After enduring 2 years of total social isolation due to strict lockdown rules, accustomed to only interactions with his parents and a much older brother, his social and emotional maturity were behind his peers. He struggled to fit into normal classroom social interactions as well as keeping up with normal daily classroom dynamics. 

Prior to full admission to ASA, the academic and support teams carried out thorough professional assessments and evaluations to identify his strengths as well as areas where he would need immediate support to function better in a classroom environment. Clear plans and realistic development goals were identified. These were cleverly implemented in ways that do not cause undue stress to the child. Corrective actions are never in the form of punishments, only in the form of self-reflection and emphasis on positive social behavioural awareness and understanding. 

Their findings were communicated clearly to us with regular feedback provided. Additionally, we were consulted and guided regarding reinforcing effort being implemented in school at home to maintain consistency and effectiveness. 

 After the first few months of enrolling at ASA, our son initial struggle slowly but clearly developed into genuine enjoyment and pleasure of being part of the ASA community. He almost completely transformed from struggling to finish the school day to asking to spend more hours at school. His drawing, writing and reading abilities have also improved at similar pace. Similarly, he improved greatly in terms of his behaviour and social interactions with his peers. 

The academic and student support teams in ASA have been excellent from the beginning. They are well qualified, dedicated, professional and very supportive. In all interactions, we never had any doubts that all their actions and advice are always in the best interest of our child. The school support also covers other well being areas such as counselling by qualified Psychologists as well as specific catering considerations and support from the Nutritionist. Overall, we feel that ASA have a clear vision on the direction that they wish to grow as an institution. 

Before deciding to enroll our son in ASA, we have explored several options in Luanda. We have been grateful to have decided on joining the small but tightly knit community of ASA. They are contributing massively to the development and wellbeing of my child socially, mentally and academically. Thank you ASA! 


Sebastian Morris. 



Our trip to Cabo Ledo 


It was a pleasant and very positive experience! 


The journey went smoothly. We were escorted by police officers. The students were calm and eager to reach their destination. 


Once we arrived at the resort, the students took advantage of the beautiful beach to swim and play. They also used the resort's swimming pool. Everything was accident-free and very peaceful. 

We went on a long hike that combined both mountains and beach. Very interesting. A bit tough for some of us but unforgettable. Lovely landscape! 

On the second day of our trip, the students were able to surf in an agitated sea, but we always had a watchful eye on all of them. And to surf we need wind, sure! 

It was an intense trip, but it served to deepen the bonds between the students and their teachers. 


Marta Bickel. 


Thursday morning we went to a place called Cabo-Ledo, it took us about 2 hours to get there. When we arrived we put our bags down and went straight to the beach to have fun! After having fun and enjoying ourselves for a while, we went to have a look at the house we were staying at, pretty nice place to be honest beautiful view, and had a pool (which the kids took over, lol) pretty nice over.  

There was a hike planned for everyone but some of us didn't want to go so we just stayed home, but according to my peers and teachers, the views were amazing! That's about it for the first day.  


Friday morning we, high schoolers, woke up to the historical screams of the middle schoolers, I don't blame them because they were having fun and that's what matters, we had breakfast and went to the pool.  

Later that day we went surfing, it was my second time doing it, it was better than last time but still a lot to improve. After we went home had lunch packed our things and left. The experience was great, my favorite part was sharing moments with my friends, and my least favorite part was the kids, they were WAY too loud. 


Daniel Alves (Grade 8)

My first trip with school will always be a pleasnat memory to be cherished forever.

The trip lasted 3 hours, when we got there, we were thrilled to see the place. We were given our rooms and the fun began.

We went to the pool then we went to the beach because it was hot, we had eaten and the food was very good, We went to the Bonfire in the night and sang with the guitar, laughed, ate popcorn, then they gave us pizza again. 

When it was time to sleep, some played other games and we ate again at 11pm and after I ate, as I was very tired from all the activity, I went to sleep. 

The next day at 6 am we went swimming in the pool, then we all went to have breakfast and at 11 am we went to the beach.  

When we met Dr. Babita at school, Ms. Cassy welcomed us until the parents arrived, some had to call to find out if they could stay at their classmate's house and the others went to their homes. 

I found it very fun, and I hope there are more activities like this one.

Felismina Ucuassapi (Grade 8)                      

When I woke up I was extremely excited for the trip and I packed my things for the trip.  

We sat in the car and had a comfortable but boring journey.  

We reached our location comfortably and packed our things. 

We went to the swimming pool and had a lot of fun. 

After the swimming pool, we went to have our lunch. 

The food was freshly made and then we had some delicious pizza, some French fries and many more things. 

The room was clean and organised but shared sleeping place, so we had no privacy.  

The beach was beautiful and clean the water was salty, but it was refreshing.  

The hiking was nice, but very inappropriate for kids. But it was fun and exciting. Then we slept but I could just sleep for six hours so because of the noise. Then we woke up at 5:00 and then went into the pool at 5:30.  

The surfing was nice. We had a lot of fun, adventure and big waves but the safety was extremely nice all the time the police officers were there.  

And everyone around me were respectful and extremely responsible and trustworthy. The teachers were extremely caring and sweet.  


Amogh Bhardwaj (Grade 6)

On Thursday 9th November 2023 me, Isaac, Clara, Rosa de Ales, Felismina, Olivia and others went on an overnight trip to Cabo Ledo for hiking, surfing, sightseeing and other activities. 

 When we arrived at the resort we went swimming in the pool, we raced, we dove and we had a lot of fun, later we went to he beach to swim in the sea, we had lots of fun trying to survive the waves! 

After that, we went hiking, we walked up a mountain and then went down it, it was very scary going dowm the steep, narrow path but we made it. 


When we got back exhausted from the hiking, we went to swim in the pool a bit and after that we changed into our PJ's and played UNO with Ms. Denise. The game was cut short because we needed to go to the bonfire, we had some fun just talking and enjoying ourselves. 

It was also very funny because Clara wanted to jump in the fire, we also played a bit of night football. When that was finished we went to bed and slept. 

When we woke up the next morning, we went swimming in the pool for the whole morning and later went swimming in the ocean, we had breakfast and then went surfing. 

Surfing was fun and extreme. It was very funny going super-fast on the waves and also a bit scary. 

After we went back to the resort, we swam a little bit and then prepared to leave, on our way back we stopped at "Miradouro da Lua" for some sight-seeing before we went back to school 

I had a lot of fun at Cabo Ledo, and I would love to go again with the school!!! 


Djelany Lopes (Grade 6)

We went there on Thursday. At 11h we did hike, a bornfire, we had pool time, went to the beach, went surfing and ate.  


The 2 days night trip was very good, we went to the beach we were swimming in the pool a long time! When we went to the beach there were many waves and when we went surfing many BIG WAVES! A lot! And I was almost drowing but my surfboard saved me because there was a rope in my foot.  


Finally, the end of our trip was good also in the van we talked and talked too much, We ate a bit of churrasco, we stopped at the “Mirador da lua» where we took some pictures and we arrived at the school at 19h, it was night by then.  


The Cabo Ledo Trip and the two days off were very good! 

We enjoyed it a lot! 

We had fun, we played, we jumped a lot in the pool, and we played UNO.  

Thanks for this opportunity! 


Isaac Ferreira (Grade 6)

2-days trip 


In my school they have organized a trip to Cabo Ledo. At first, I felt uncomfortable. I did not want to go because I felt like it was going to be boring. even after acknowledging the fact that I did not desire my mother encouraged me to go. There I prepared myself and went to school, meeting my friends and entering in the bus.  

After what I think was a 1 hour and 30 minutes bus trip. We finally arrived there. It was a resort close to the sea with a large pool and amazing view to the ocean. The house where we stayed in this resort was not the most comfortable but still was something good to stay in.  


In the same day after settling things up, me and my friends went directly to the beach. The sun was shining brightly, and the sand was hot, but we still had fun. After that we ate lasagna and rested for 30 to 40 minutes.  

Then we had to do the hiking activity. which I could not do for breathing problems.  

After that they got back from hiking and rested a bit before going again to the pool.  

Then it was already late, and we had our dinner to then go to sleep. Finishing one day. After passing the night. We wake up and have breakfast.  

Next, we prepared ourselves to go surfing on the other side of the beach. After surfing we went back to the house to eat grilled chicken with fried chips, rice, and black beans.  

Finally, after eating and resting we prepared ourselves to go home. And as said as done. We went home after having a wonderful day. It was fun to be in there and talk to my friends and participate in the school activities. 


Julia Fragoso (Grade 10)




World Freedom Day is a United States federal observance declared by then-President George W. Bush to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe. It started in 2001 and is celebrated on November 9.

For this occasion, conservative youth groups such as Young America's Foundation and the College Republicans urge students to commemorate this day (which they mark as the start of "Freedom Week," thus including Veterans Day) by "celebrating victory over communism" through provocative flyer campaigns and activism projects.Many conservative political commentators and activists use World Freedom Day as an occasion in which to acclaim President Ronald Reagan, whom they regard as being responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.

Freedom is not merely a word; it embraces the very essence of human existence.  

It is the basis upon which societies are built and individuals thrive.​  


What freedom means to me? 


Well for me freedom is being able to talk with someone, being able to go to school, being able to work, being able to go to another country, being able to visit your family and another many things.​  

Nowadays, we have more freedom, but in the old days things weren't like that. 

We must be thankful that nowadays we are freer! 


Ariane Fuema (Grade 7)


The American Schools of Angola organized an OPEN DAY. It gave a glimpse of the process and practices at school to the new parents.


The American Schools of Angola gives a talk to its students and teachers about vitiligo.

The talk was held by Nelma Laura Mucacava and Dr.Lívio Semedo members of the Association Vitiligos of Angola.




Students from the American Schools of Angola visit and attend the first edition of the Degustar Angola Fair at the Iron Palace.

The event, which is the responsibility of the National Institute for Supporting Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (INAPEM), aims to boost activities to promote the national production sector and, above all, the "Made in Angola" brand.

The students had the privilege of learning how companies and the national production sector work.




Parents from the American School of Angola attended a meeting concerning the students' progress during the school year and were given an explanation about the functionality of the teaching/students platforms to be used.

Also the Child Development Center (CDC) was opened, that is a place where children can explore their full potential, with a focus on every aspect of their holistic development, not just academics.

We believe in learning through play, empowering young minds.




As part of the festivities marking the 48th anniversary of Angola's independence, to be celebrated on November 11, the American Schools of Angola had an event to commemorate this important date, with moments of dance, poetry, music and tastings of national cousine .




"My Idea of Peace" has been the underlying theme of Resiliart this year. School children from public and private schools in Africa,Europe and United States came together for the cause. Peace Quilts came out as an outcome of the solidarity for Peace in the world.

The President of the Republic, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, invited and received in audience the Executive Director of Resiliart Angola, Marcos Agostinho, and the project's artists as part of the Luanda Bienal - Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence, which took place (from November 22 to 24) at the Intercontinental Hotel.

The Memorandum of Understanding between UNESCO and AMERICAN SCHOOLS OF ANGOLA, concerning the Resiliart Angola project, was signed to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions and relaunch the commitment between the parties to empower young artists.

The memorandum was signed by UNESCO's Regional Director for Central Africa, Paul Coustere and the Executive Director of the American Schools of Angola, Marcos Agostinho.




The American schools of Angola held a day of thanksgiving, where students, teachers and staff had moments of fraternization and expressed gratitude for the blessings received.

The celebration was also marked by the setting up of the Christmas tree.




The American schools of Angola, provided a moment of fun and joy for pre-elementary and elementary school students. with the aim of developing the physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth of its students.




The discipline and dedication showcased Taekwondo Graduation held on 02nd December stands a testimony of the excellence at American School of Angola. It was a day well cherished by all.




Staff and students from the American School of Angola took a day out to pratice sports.

The day was marked by various games and lots of fun.




Wrapping up the year, the recent Professional Development Day, led by the Child Development Center (CDC) team, featured a varied agenda. Morning sessions included meditation and discussions on human development. Breakout sessions, facilitated by the CDC team, focused on milestones and strategies for various developmental stages. The day closed with a creative Coping Canvas session promoting well-being.


The Food Drive, an event organized by American Schools of Angola, with contributions and efforts from ASA staff, students, families and friends. These efforts are aiming a to contribute to a happier Christmas season for families in our community at Futungo II, school nr. 9037and Mussulo.



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