January 2023 Newsletter


Let’s help make childhood what it ought to be…

This poem is written by

Catherine Nettelmann, a friend and long -time donor. On January 9, 2023 she celebrated her 102nd birthday.

Take her powerful message to heart…and Let YOUR Light Shine!

Let your light shine

with a heart full of love.

Let your light shine

as a star from above.

Felt from near and

from afar,

a gift of light glowing.

Let it shine.

Tho' clouds may

hang low,

the promise of sunshine

gives hope for

the morrow.

Let your light shine,

Shine, Shine!

Let our light shine!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you are all well and were able to celebrate special times during the Holiday Season. I’m excited to launch this New Year for Cobbled Streets! May this day...this year...be the genesis of

big and bold...wild and wonderful happenings...more than we’ve imagined and believing that 

EVERYTHING is possible!

Shari Shink

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News & Events

Cobbled Streets and Foster Source Weekend Event

Come join us at the next Foster Source event! Cobbled Streets' volunteers will provide activities for the 5-yr-old+ kids group. 

Saturday, February 11th, 8:15 am - 12:15 pm in downtown Denver.

Would you like to volunteer? If you want to help out, please contact Sophie Updike at sophie@cobbledstreets.org.


A Christmas Celebration

The holidays are a time to celebrate! When you are with those you love and enjoy

doing fun things together, it’s even better. Cobbled Streets was able to send a family of 5 kids

with their grandmother and great grandmother to the Gaylord Hotel in Denver for a day of

Winter Magic and Christmas Joy! There were Charlie Brown characters, ice sculptures, skating,

and snow tubing. Even though it was really cold, everyone warmed up with hot cocoa, a great

dinner, a Christmas tree, and many joyful hearts.

Budding Interest

The foster mom wrote, "Cobbled Streets has been an invaluable resource for our family. Not only did they provide childcare during classes to keep my foster certification current, which is huge as a single foster parent, they've also provided extracurricular activities with mentors for my kids. Community is everything when fostering and Cobbled Streets has jumped in to ensure we have that."

Recently she sent a video of her daughter who was being tucked in for bed. She was crying because it was the last week of golf and she missed Chris, her mentor, so much. She even asked if he could babysit some time so she could see him again! Chris was so touched by her response, he promised they will continue their friendship.

Forever Family

Foster care is hard. Adoption is hard. But the beauty that can come from the ashes is so incredibly inspiring. 

Miles was abandoned in the hospital at birth. At 35 days he officially entered into care. At the time it was not known he had two older (not even by a year) siblings, still living with their biological parents in a different part of the state. Unfortunately, years passed and the siblings were also placed into care, unable to be in the same home as Miles. 

Through consistent communication, with the knowledge that sibling connection is so important, a long-distance relationship by the two foster adoptive moms was formed. 

For the first time, IN PERSON about a month ago, at the tender ages of 4, 5 and 6, all three, 100% biological siblings got to meet, and the bond was so beautifully undeniable! This meeting is just the beginning of the now extended family that has been created! An unbreakable bond of a forever family.

Joining The Cobbled Streets Team

The author of the above story and mom to Miles is Sara Stovall. Cobbled Streets is excited to welcome Sara to our team. Her experience and passion for this work is striking. Sara will be assisting with special projects and the Ambassador program.

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