May 2023 Newsletter


Let’s help make childhood what it ought to be…

Catherine Nettelmann

A Thank You and Tribute

With profound sadness, we announce the passing of Catherine Nettelmann, a longtime friend and generous supporter of Cobbled Streets. All who knew her have been enriched by her life and blessed by the warm embrace of her friendship.

Catherine was 102 and was an extraordinary woman.

Catherine believed in the goodness of people and that love was the most important element in life. She lived with unparalleled kindness and uncommon generosity. Whether friend or stranger, her compassion, understanding, and love were always evident. 

Intelligent, curious, and determined, she found joy and adventure in the ordinary and the extraordinary. Her life as a wonderful teacher, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, was reflected in her commitment to the children of Colorado. Her concern for children in foster care, for those neglected and forgotten, fueled her support for those who were making a difference in children’s lives. Regardless of life’s challenges and difficulties, she lived in a state of gratefulness, with dignity and grace, always. We will miss her terribly.

Swimming to Happiness

"My 4-yr old is the hardest child I have ever parented, in some really challenging, but beautifully eye-opening ways. The lifesaving swimming lessons Cobbled Streets provided him taught us that water is therapy for him, and truly transforms him. It has allowed us to really expand what we do for him in therapeutic ways."


Saturday Events With Foster Source

Rocky Mountain Puppets were mesmerizing for 25 kids on Saturday, March 11. Filled with breakfast and snacks, kids enjoyed watching the show and making their own puppet with Meghan. Other fun activities included drawing, air hockey, and temporary tattoos while parents participated in special training. In addition to the event, it is always special to watch kids engage with other kids they know are also in foster care.

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…No! It’s kids building their own superhero kits. And with a mask, a cape, and bracers, they were flying everywhere! With breakfast and snacks, they also enjoyed decorating their own flower pot and planting succulents of their choice with Cobbled Streets staff. When the morning of April 15 was over, each of the kids left with a superhero cape and a beautiful plant to remember the day.

Word of Thanks with Kyle Clark

Word of Thanks with Kyle Clark

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the 9News Word of Thanks micro-giving fundraiser campaign. And thanks so much to Kyle Clark! The campaign runs until the end of June.

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Dream Trip to Disneyland

When I met Shari at one of the foster care support group meetings a year or so ago, I shared a bit about our family dynamics. I was there with my own two girls (ages 8 and 10) that I had just recently adopted after a long 4.5 years in foster care. The foster/adoptive parents of my girls’ younger brother and sister were there, too. There were three older brothers, also adopted into another home that we stayed close to, as well. 

Seven children, three families, trying to maintain their sibling bonds whenever, and however, we could. Our conversation drifted to a dream of one day being able to take a “family” vacation together, to somewhere like Disneyland, but knowing the reality of this was farfetched, given the distance, the cost, and so many people. We had dreamed of celebrating our adoption in some big way—but our plans were put on a long-distant hold because of the pandemic. Shari asked for our contact information, in case she was able to help us towards our dream trip. We did, gladly…but really had no true belief anything would come of it.

Fast-forward several months when we received a call, letting us know Cobbled Streets was working on putting a trip together for all of us to go to Disneyland. We were all excited, but still really didn’t believe it would happen. Then it did.

It was the first plane ride for many of the kids, and despite the fear of soaring into the sky, they had a great time flying through the clouds and over the mountains. The kids all sat together and shared snacks, laughs,

games, and conversations! 

We made our way through the airport—the big kids holding hands with the little kids. So much awe. When we arrived at the house there was excitement everywhere. We had large family meals for breakfasts and dinners and

everyone pitched in.

The next two days were filled with theme park adventures. Saying everyone had a great time, would be a major under-statement! We even enjoyed the long lines, as it gave us time to talk and play.

The most awesome part was being able to spend such a long time together where the kids could actually interact like typical siblings—waking up together, eating together, playing together, and then crashing after a long fun day. 

Cobbled Streets made this dream come true.

Matt: Space Camp

Matt's Adoptive Mother, Sarah

The Small Things that Make a Huge Difference

An 11 yr-old who received bunk beds and school supplies said…… "I feel like I am part of the family and actually have a home. Thank you for helping to make us feel safe and normal."

Foster Care Month strives to increase our community’s awareness of the needs of children in foster care and a commitment to provide the love and support they need to thrive. It is also a month to be grateful to those dedicated families who provide a safe and nurturing place for those traumatized children. With appreciation and gratitude, Cobbled Streets celebrates children of foster and kinship care.

Katie, Sara, David, Shari, Sherri, Kiara, Sophie

David Ambroz at the Rally for Kids luncheon in April. The Cobbled Streets’ team enjoyed a special time with the author.


David’s recent book, A Place Called Home, is uniquely raw, sometimes shocking, and always informative. One has to wonder how a child could survive the overwhelming challenges he faced in his young life… and then you meet him. David’s gift of humor and extraordinary accomplishments allow you to know that, with grit and an iron will, anything is possible. What we also know is that it only takes one person to make a difference for a child. For those who work in the system, and for those who know kids in your neighborhood, church or school, that one person could be YOU.

Rally for Kids With David Ambroz

News & Events


Meet Sara Stovall

Cobbled Streets Team

We are honored to have Sara join the Cobbled Streets team as a Special Projects Coordinator. Serving in such a position has allowed Sara to really put her passion at the forefront of serving foster youth in numerous, enriching, and life altering ways.

Read More About Sara on the Meet the Team Page

Meet The Team

Upcoming Summer Events

We need 9 more kids to fill all our spots at camp! It's an outdoor educational day camp. Please contact Sophie, above.

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