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Message from Management

Board Meeting Notice

The Meeting of the Board of Directors for S-G Owners Association, Inc. is scheduled for Wednesday, July 26, 2023, at 6:00 pm.

Please join from your computer, tablet, or smartphone:


Call in number: 1-877- 309-2073 / Access Code: 190-805-053


Members may attend the meeting in person at the Sterling Country Club at 16500 Houston National Blvd., Houston, TX 77095, or virtually by clicking the link above. Homeowners have an opportunity to address the Board during the open forum.


We encourage you to submit your questions by emailing us at stonegate@associa.us no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, July 24, 2023.

Pool Rules

As a reminder, parents are responsible for their children and visitors. All residents and guests must sign in. Unfortunately, the season has just begun, and the lifeguards have already saved 30 kids from drowning. If your child cannot swim, please do not leave them unattended, and they must wear a properly fitting life jacket.

Please thoroughly read the pool rules to avoid being asked to leave.

Sheds on Lake and Golf Lots

We are happy to inform you that at the May Board Meeting, the board approved allowing sheds up to 11' (L) x 8' (W) x 8' (H) in earth-tone colors and it must be placed up against the house. Residents must submit an Architectural Application prior to installing the shed.

Minimum Front Yard Tree Requirement

The board approved reducing the number of front yard tree requirements to 1 (one), excluding the tree(s) between the sidewalk and the curb. Residents must submit an Architectural Application documenting what trees will be removed in the front yard.

Sidewalk Tree Requirement

The board approved allowing residents to remove sidewalk trees, the trees between the sidewalk and the curb. Residents must submit an Architectural Application prior to removing the trees.

Towing Enforcement & Short-Term Leasing

The Board of Directors made some recent changes within the community, and we would like to introduce two new policies that will take affect immediately. The following are policies regarding Towing Enforcement and Short-Term Leasing (example: Airbnb & VRBO). Read highlights of each policy on the website, however, we encourage all residents to read each policy thoroughly.


Heron Egret Birds

Management and the HOA Board are fully aware of the infestation of the Heron Egret Birds. Management has been in communication with Harris County Public Health and the Game Warden. These birds are federally protected, which means the birds cannot be killed or their nests disturbed when they have eggs or babies. There is a fine of $250 per bird, plus a citation would be issued to all parties involved. If you have a dead bird in your backyard, please get in touch with Harris County Public Health at (713) 439-6000.

New Security Company Update

We are pleased to inform you that our new security company, International Guard Service, has started as of June 1st and will oversee the guardhouse 24/7. Roving Patrol will monitor the neighborhood from 7:00 pm to 7:00 am on weekdays and all day and all night on weekends. The patrol's role is to observe and report, not to stop a crime in progress. Please call 911 for emergencies or (713)221-6000, option 1, for non-emergencies. Remington MUD currently has a contract with the Harris County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) to have contract Deputies patrolling our neighborhood on weekday and weekend shifts. 

Stone Gate stickers will allow access to the Canyon Gate section without being verified by the gate attendant. Please note that Stone Gate stickers are for residents only and not for your guests or contractors. We highly recommend visiting the office if you do not have a Stone Gate sticker. Please remind your guests, as they visit the Canyon Gate section, that they must have a valid driver's license and know the address of their destination, as the gate attendant will document the location.

SplashPad Playground - Update

The Access Control is fully up and running at the SplashPad playground. We thank you for your patience while we work to have this completed! All residents are now required to utilize their access card and/or fob to gain entry to the playground. Additionally, please do not prop open the gate. If you see the gate being propped open, we ask for your assistance in removing the items so the gates can close properly.

2023 Pool Schedule

Please review the updated 2023 Pool Schedule for the Recreation Center Pool. There were no changes made to the Splashpad Pool Schedule.

As a reminder, you must utilize your access card or fob to gain entry into the pool at both locations. If you do not have an access card, please visit the onsite office to purchase an access card for $5 or a fob for $10 (paid through TownSQ) during business hours. You must be in good standing with the HOA to use the pool facilities. 

Additionally, please do not prop the gate open to allow other residents in.

Safety Break Information

  1. Swimmers need a break. All swimmers, children especially, need to be reminded of when to rest so their stomachs do not become upset from ingestion of chlorinated water and vigorous activity. Too much chlorinated water in the bloodstream can cause hyponatremia. The body protects itself from rapid intake of water or hyponatremia by vomiting. This is also a good opportunity for children to use the restroom, preventing accidents in the water.
  2. Children’s feet are tender and can be rubbed raw by the abrasive plaster finish on the pool. The longer a person is in the water, the softer their toes and feet become, making their skin more easily scraped.
  3. Lifeguards have duties to perform and it is often accomplished during the Safety Break. Those duties include water testing, brushing, skimming, picking up trash, etc. Lifeguards may also take this break to cool off, hydrate, eat or even practice various lifeguard skills.
  4. Texas State Code requires that each lifeguard has a set rotation and break period each hour as recommended by the American Red Cross.


In 2017, Safety Breaks were initiated at all DS Recreational Services, Inc. facilities, and has since become the industry standard. Safety breaks include both children and adults. This inclusion of adults in the ten-minute safety break brings your community into compliance with the Fair Housing Act. There are sections of this Act that stipulate how swim time can be organized, and organizing swim times to exclude certain age groups is prohibited. It also meets insurance requirements of lifeguards being on full duty any time swimmers are in lifeguarded pools, whether it be children or adults.

Safety break does not apply to any unguarded pool, such as the unguarded sections of the lazy river, the lap pool and activity pool. 

Abandoned Vehicles - Non-Gated Sections

If you observe an abandoned vehicle in any non-gated sections, please immediately report the vehicle to the Harris County Sheriff's Department non-emergency at 713-221-6000.

Parking Policy

As a friendly reminder street parking is not permitted. Street parking is our #1 complaint submitted by residents. Vehicles parked on streets, stacked/double parked in cul-de-sacs, in front of mailboxes, and at curves/turns/corners create hazards for other drivers as they cannot see around those vehicles. Please be sure that you are utilizing all the spaces in the garage and driveway to accommodate the number of vehicles they were built to hold. Vehicles parked on the street is a major concern for emergency responders and school buses as they have difficulty navigating through the community, especially the many sections that have narrow roads.


Please note that security is driving throughout the community and placing stickers on vehicles that are in violation of the deed restrictions. 

  • During the hours of 5:01 am - 12:59 am, street parking is allowed only when the driveway is full.
  • During the hours of 1:00 am - 5:00 am, street parking is NOT allowed.
  • Guests of residents, including caregivers or domestic help, must park their vehicles in the driveway of the resident they are visiting unless the driveway is full.
  • Service providers that are providing a service to a resident's lot (e.g., construction workers, landscapers, plumbers, etc.) may park on the street.
  • Commercial vehicles may not be parked overnight in the neighborhood. 


If you received a sticker on your driver-side window, please correct the violation by moving your vehicle out of the street and onto your driveway. If you are having a party or gathering, please contact the HOA via TownSq or stonegaterec@associa.us, and a temporary parking pass will be issued.


Please review the parking policy for your reference.

Having a gathering?

If you are having a party/gathering and will have many visitors, please let management know with the following information.

  • Name and contact information
  • Address
  • Date of event
  • Start and end times of the event
  • Street/s you will be having your guests park on

Please be courteous to your neighbors, avoid blocking surrounding driveways, and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Please send your request to stonegaterec@associa.us.


Please be advised that our inspectors are scheduled every month for any violations of the deed restrictions. We have received reports about various concerns that need to be addressed, and the inspectors will look at all aspects of the property for compliance with the deed restrictions. Below are a few examples of what has been reported:

  • Fences that are faded and need to be painted
  • Fences that are rusted and need repairs
  • Landscape Maintenance - overgrown, dead/dying grass, plants, and trees
  • Items stored in the backyards
  • Play structures that are broken and not being maintained
  • Roof gutters that are broken
  • Patio/Gazebo fabric covers that are faded, torn, and/or missing

A message to our motorcyclists

Please see the image below if you have been experiencing issues exiting the gates while on your motorcycle. You must slowly drive over the loop (pictured below) for the gate to recognize the motorcycle and open the gates.

Bluff Springs Lake

Management is aware of the high levels of algae in the lake. This is due to the pump issues we experienced in May that caused the water levels to be extremely low. The vegetation cannot manually be removed as it would multiply due to fragmentation and cause more vegetation to float to the top of the lake. Our lake management company is currently treating the lake twice a week and is monitoring the algae/vegetation levels.

Stone Gate Lifestyle

Upcoming Events

Visit our upcoming events at www.stonegatetxhoa.com under Neighborhood Events. If you have any questions about the event, please send us an email!


Get ready for this year's Water Palooza Day! We will host the event across from Sterling Country Club (Green Space) on Saturday, July 15th, 2023, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We will have a DJ, Rockwall, Dunk Tank, Crafts & much more!

Hot Dogs, Veggie Burgers, and Cheeseburgers are first come, first served or until food runs out.

Come out for a FUN-FILLED morning!

Maintenance Updates

Items Completed: 

  • SplashPad: We had four additional light poles upgraded to LED light fixtures. Last week it was seven poles that were upgraded. The contractor also replaced one of the old breakers and one of the wires that was connected needed to be re-wired and caused the breaker to trip constantly. This was causing the SplashPad monument lights to not turn on in the evening. All is back up and running, and the SplashPad area is now very well-lit in the evening. Our maintenance team also found that the red poles that activate the water for the SplashPad was not working properly. When they took it apart, some of the wiring was loose and they were able to fix it.
  • SplashPad Pool Pomp Gate: there was a portion of the fencing that was deteriorated and rusted. Our maintenance team replaced the pickets and stabilized one post.
  • SplashPad Playground: one of the handicap tables was loose at the top and our team has tightened it.
  • Rec Center Pool: Our maintenance team found one of the pool pump hoses burst, and the water was leaking. They turned the water off, and the pool company has made the repair.
  • Everett Point Park: The adaptive swing received new belts as the ones it had were old and deteriorated.
  • The contractor stained the rear HOA fence that was recently replaced along Tuckerton. The house is on Biscayne Ridge and was replaced two weeks ago. There was a delay due to the holiday.
  • At the guardhouse on the exit side of the building, the GFCI was bad and our maintenance team replaced it.
  • Deaton Mill Monument Lights: our maintenance team found the photocell was bad and replaced it.
  • Lost Mill Hahns Peak Pedestrian Gate: This gate continues to give issues closing properly. Our maintenance team stabilized the gate more by making repairs to portions of the gate where the railing was deteriorated.
  • Tuckerton Pedestrian Gate, along the Mariners Bay lake: Our maintenance team found this gate was non-functional. The kant-slam was broken, the hinges were off alignment, and the lock was broken. The team removed the kant-slam, readjusted the hinges, and repaired the knob. The gate now closes properly because it still has a spring on it.
  • Nautical Point Pedestrian Gate: the maintenance team replaced the parts for the knob as it was broken.
  • Willow Ranch Pedestrian Gate: the team has found the kant-slam is rubbing on the mesh and not closing properly. The team cut and removed a small piece of the mesh so it doesn't rub against it anymore.
  • Power-Washing: Our maintenance team started power-washing the red brick wall inside Danbury Bridge on Hadens Run. They also power-washed the brick wall on Barker Cypress, Near Bakers Village.
  • Our power-washing machine burst at one of the hoses. Our maintenance team has made the necessary repairs to continue power-washing next week.

Items in Progress (Projects/Work has started) 


  • Tuckerton and Cypress North Houston Street Lights Addition - Pending an application with the county for approval.

SplashPad Exterior Light Replacements/4 Additional Lights - Before & After

SplashPad Activating Water Feature Pole Repair - Before & After

SplashPad Pool Pump Gate Repair - Before & After

Everett Point Adaptive Swing Belt Replacement

Fence Staining on Tuckerton for the house located on Biscayne Ridge.

Guardhouse GFCI Replacement - Before & After

Lost Mill Hahns Peak Gate Repair - Before & After

Power-Washing Danbury Bridge Haden's Run - Before & After

Power-Washing Barker Cypress - Before & After

Maintenance Request

We are happy to announce that we are using a new work order program, MaintainX. Work order requests can now be submitted via this link on both computers and mobile devices. Once a request for a work order is submitted, the request can either be approved or denied. You will receive notifications for the request's status and when the work order is completed. Please submit any questions or feedback to the onsite staff by clicking here


Clubhouse Address:

11655 Canyon Green Drive

Houston, TX 77095


Resident Services Office Hours:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday | 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday | Closed

Sunday | Closed


Hybrid Board Meetings:

Board meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of every other month at 6:00 pm at the Sterling Country Club Houston National. Agendas are posted on the community website. Residents are welcome to attend. If you would like to get added to the Resident Forum, please email Management.

Resident Services:

Office Number: 832-653-3763

Office Email: stonegaterec@associa.us

Website: www.stonegatetxhoa.com


Meet the Team:

Krystal Vigil | General Manager

Jennifer Hidalgo | Assistant Manager

Lee Hernandez | Administrative Assistant

Steffany Maldenado | Administrative Assistant

Manny Lopez | Maintenance Tech

Daniel Rodriguez | Maintenance Tech

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