December 2023 Newsletter

Ho Ho Ho... Winter is Coming!

November was full of all types of weather, from calm and sunny to windy and rainy. With the shorter days we have been having those early night flights. There are a number of students working on their instrument ratings and it is wonderful to see these students transition from Private Pilots to Instrument Students.

Avionics installations have expanded. Check out the latest and greatest avionics for your aircraft by contacting Ken or Jack. Many satisfied customers, you could be one too.

We are collecting gift and food donations again this year until December 17th. Details about where the donations go and why it means so much is below. Open your hearts and give a little this holiday season. Our T Shirts and Sweatshirts will be on sale through the end of this month, read on to see details below.

Our first Pilot Spotlight was shared last month! Click here to see which Princeton Airport pilot was spotlighted. Stay tuned for the second Monday of each month for future Pilot Spotlights. If you have an interesting perspective or would like to be spotlighted, please reach out to us via email and let us know!

Read on to see what happened this past month and what is coming up for the last month of 2023!

Congratulations to this Month's Newest Private Pilot

Steffen Koenig with CFII Cameron Wagner

First Student Solos in November

CFI Cameron Wagner (left) with Shaikh Rahman (right)

Zachary Evans (left) with CFI Nate Kijpatanasilp (right)

CFII Andrew Wells (left) with Ameer Sikkander (right)

Tom Boyd (left) with CFI Tom Richter (right)


Princeton Airport will continue to serve as a Gift Donation Center. We will collect gifts for the Mercer County Board of Social Services, as well as the Food Bank Network of Somerset County. Please open your hearts and drop off a donation when coming for a lesson or to fly your plane. Unwrapped gifts and canned or boxed food are accepted in the lobby of the Princeton Airport.

Gift collection ends on Sunday, December 17th enabling county workers to arrange the best matches for the needy. The gifts can be deposited in the “chimneys” in the lobby of the airport between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M Unwrapped gifts and canned or boxed food are accepted in the lobby of the Princeton Airport.

The Mercer County Board of Social Services has been serving the citizens of Mercer County since 1932 and is committed to providing economic and social services to individuals and families residing in Mercer County based upon financial need. They provide services that will protect those that are most vulnerable, i.e. elderly and children.

The mission of The Food Bank Network of Somerset County is to distribute food and provide other basic human needs to those less fortunate in our community in a manner recognizing and advancing self-worth and human dignity. Working through our warehouse-pantry in Bridgewater and satellite food pantries, their goal is to help feed people in need. 

They aid any Somerset County residents requesting help who either find them directly or are referred by public and private county agencies. To do this, they have professional staff members, an unpaid board of directors, and countless volunteers across the county who give their time and donations to help hem continue their work.

Here at Princeton Airport, we feel it is important to give to community-based organizations that assist directly within the community where we live.

**Last date to donate will be December 17th, 2023**

Winter Operations

Winter Operations are In Effect. This means, if it snows and you have a hangar that you would like to be plowed out, please call the FBO 609-921-3100. The more notice you give us, the better. Snow moves easier when it is not frozen over, so do plan accordingly. Same goes for removing snow for your plane if it kept in a tie down spot.

Flight School Planes: We have pre-heat plugins for four of our flight school planes (38F, 3RM, 8MC, & 38N) Please take note of the parking spots assigned to these spots and be sure to help us plug in if you are the last lesson/rental at the end of the day (temperature depending). If you are the first lesson/rental please coil the cords up and put back near the fence. The team at 39N will be around to help as well. There is a diagram of the parking spots near the front desk at the FBO. Any questions, feel free to ask.

Customize your Cockpit Panel with the latest

Garmin Avionics Equipment

The Pacific Aircraft Avionics Department at Princeton Airport has grown with the technology of the 21st century. Because of our many years of experience in the aviation industry, we are representatives of some of the finest avionics equipment on the market, including representing Garmin Avionics for more than 30 years. Whether you have a new or pre-owned airplane, you have the opportunity to consult with our technical department to design the panel of your choice. See Ken for more details.

Click Here to see all that is possible with your plane!

T Shirt and Sweatshirt Sale!

Extended Through End of December!

All T Shirts will be on sale for $20 and sweatshirts for $35. This is your time to gear up with your Princeton Airport swag. A great way to shop for the holidays. The sale ends December 31st. Get yours while they last.

Have a design you would like to see for 39N? Send us your ideas/designs to inspire the next Princeton Airport T Shirt/ Sweatshirt design.

FAA Medical Exam Appointments Now Online!

If you haven't yet, check out our scheduling system for the FAA Medical Doctor. You are now able to sign up for the FAA Medical Doctor ONLINE! Thanks to our awesome technology team, you can now just go to our website to make your appointment! You will find the sign up on the right page of the home page of the Princeton Airport and Princeton Flying School website.

Click here to see where to sign up.

Airplanes For Sale

Contact Ken or Jack for details

Hangers for Rent

As the seasons are changing, there may be some hanger availability.

Contact Ken or Jack to be put on a list and see what is available for your plane.

Zoom Webinars

Coming Back in January!

We will be holding off on a new webinar this month as the end of the year tends to be busy for many. Tune in to our youtube channel to see previous webinars. We have gone through all sorts of subjects from a Preflight to Cross Country planning to Introduction to Instrument Training.

You can also check out all of the previous Webinars on our website:

You can fly in ALL kinds of weather...

thanks to our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator 

Windy weather keeping you on the ground? Interested in starting or staying current in your instrument rating? Come check out our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator! 

You can log 2.5 hours towards your Private Pilot's license and 10 hours for your Instrument rating.

Garmin Simulator G430/G530 - PRINCETON AIRPORT ~ Learn To Fly Here!

Princeton Flying School

Milestones during November, 2023

1st Student Solo:

Tom Boyd/ CFI Tom Richter

Zachary Evans/ CFI Nate Kijpatanasilp

Shaikh Rahman/ CFII Cameron Wagner

Ameer Sikkander/ CFII Andrew Wells

Private Pilot:

Steffen Koenig/ CFII Cameron Wagner

FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko will be here

Wednesday, December 6th & 20th

Saturday, December 2nd, 16th, & 30th

8:00 am - noon

*No walk ins*

For appointments: Sign Up Through Our Website HERE

 Schedule: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Class medicals.   



You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment. 

December 2023 Calendar of Events:

2nd: FAA Medical Exam

6th: FAA Medical Exam

7th: First day of Hannukah

13th: PAFT Meeting in person

16th: FAA Medical Exam

17th: Last Day to Collect Gift and Food Donations

20th: FAA Medical Doctor

25th: Merry Christmas

30th: FAA Medical Doctor

31st: New Year's Eve!

From The Right Seat

Pete Rafle CFII, ATP

Two commercial airline events happened during the last several weeks that I had not seen before. The first event involved a Co-Pilot, armed with a pistol, who threatened the captain over his decision to divert the airplane because of an inflight medical emergency in the cabin. The pilot was authorized to have the gun as part of the TSA program put in place after the Sept. 11 attacks. Under the federal flight deck officer program, pilots can use guns” to defend against an act of criminal violence and air piracy while attempting to gain control of an aircraft, according to the TSA. Participating pilots are subjected to thorough vetting and must receive training and requalify twice a year. This pilot has been removed from the program. It was determined that he did not have a current FAA medical, which, of course, is required for flying. He was arraigned on November 16.

The second case occurred aboard an Embraer 175, when a deadheading pilot, seated in the jump seat, reached up and attempted to move the fuel shutoff to the closed position while in level flight. The co-pilot was able to push him away and restore the fuel control to its proper position before engine power was lost. The crew brought him under control and removed him from the cockpit. He was seated in the rear of the cabin and flex cuffs were put on him. He also tried to open an exit door but flight attendants stopped him. It is reported, by NBC, that he had consumed psilocybin mushrooms and that his behavior

was related to that.

He was arrested upon landing at Portland, OR. He is facing 83 counts of attempted murder, among other charges that include reckless endangerment and endangering an aircraft.

Two instances such as these are rare when considering the number of flights conducted each year in the United States. I am not going to attempt to explain how these two people ended up in professional aviation. There are issues of supervision, medical screening, and reporting procedures that are obviously being reviewed at these airlines. The crew in each of these airplanes performed well and prevented their passengers from a tragic ending.

News from the Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers

Don Denny, President

Next PAFT Meeting Wednesday, December 13th (in person)

Our next PAFT meeting will be an in-person restaurant social gathering on Wednesday December 13, restaurant TBD. Members, prospective members, and guests are welcome.

If you are interested in attending and not already on the PAFT mailing list, please sign up for the meeting at or email me directly.

Fly safe,

Don Denny

PAFT President 


Princeton Flying Tigers

November weather started to turn a bit cold, but we have plenty of good winter flying coming up.  You might have some free time in December, so join us by contacting me!

Ben Gazdowicz



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PAFT MFI: Ben Gazdowicz - 

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