January 2023 Newsletter

Happy New Year!! We are so excited to see what 2023 has in store for our aviation world. From the team here at 39N, we wish you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.

December was quite a roller coaster when it came to weather. There were windy days, but there were also surprisingly calmer days with incredible flying. We are surely grateful for plugins and preheats. And remember, on those days that are not flyable, we have the fully FAA Certified Simulator available.

Thank you to every one who donated both toys and food for the food bank. The spirit of giving was truly felt this year and your generosity makes all the difference. If you missed any one this holiday season when it comes to gift giving, an Introductory Flying Certificate is a great way to give a gift of a lifetime.

The days are finally getting longer which means have more time to fly in daylight hours. If you need a preheat, contact us ahead of time and we will be able to meet you at your plane!

This newsletter contains quite an interesting article about the first time Pete spread ashes from 39N. Read on to see what else is going on at 39N.

Fly the Diamond in 2023!

With a new year comes a new opportunity to fly a technically advanced aircraft. We have had several new pilots checked out in the Diamond this past month. Schedule your first lesson in the Diamond to expand your aviation experience.

Get Ahead with Your Ground School

On those days that you are not able to fly, this is a great opportunity to connect with a CFI or other pilots and further your ground school. CFII Nate Kijpatanasilp recently gathered a few of his students and had a ground session for the written exam. The students were teaching and learning from each other while having CFII Nate there to assist them.

Thank you for Giving!

We had many toy and food donations this year. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference. It means a lot for our community to get togehter to make an impact.

Winter Operations & Snow Removal

As a precaution, please start your airplane engine at a low RPM so the oil can circulate and lubricate. The most potential damage is done on the first start of the day.

As always, the runway and taxi way will be cleared, but when it comes to your hanger we ask that you please let us know in advance that you want to be plowed out.

(Now that Ken has said this, hopefully it will not snow.)

Go Somewhere New this Year

It's a new year and a great time to take your plane or rent one of ours to fly somewhere new. You could even keep your journey as simple as a flight up the Hudson on a clear day. Check out this shot from our CFI Wesley Chin on one of his latest flights to the Hudson.

Airplanes For Sale

Contact Ken or Jack for details

Hangers for Rent

As the seasons are changing, there may be some hanger availability. Contact Ken or Jack to be put on a list and see what is available for your plane.

FREE Zoom Webinar

with CFI Wesley Chin

Wednesday, January 18th @ 7pm

Subject: To Be Announced

We will be announcing the subject soon! If you have any topics you would live CFI Wesley to explain deeper, please email us at 39n@princetonairport.com And to get on the email list for this next subject, be sure to email us.

In the meantime, check out all of the previous Webinars on our website:


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Windy weather keeping you on the ground? Interested in starting or staying current in your instrument rating? Come check out our fully certified Garmin Flight Simulator! 

You can log 2.5 hours towards your Private Pilot's license and 10 hours for your Instrument rating.

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Milestones during December, 2022

Private Pilot License:

Bill Rauh / CFI Cameron Wagner

Instrument Rating:

Jack Nierenberg / CFII Sal Parsi

CFI Rating:

Joe Ramirez / CFII David Michaud

FAA Medical Doctor Michael Nosko will be here

Wednesday, January 11th & 25th

Saturday January 7th & 21st

8:00 am - noon

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For appointments: 609-921-3100

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You must bring the confirmation number with you when you come for your medical appointment. 

January 2023 Calendar of Events:

1st: Happy New Year! (FBO is closed)

7th: FAA Medical Doctor

11th: FAA Medical Doctor & PAFT Meeting

18th: Zoom Webinar with CFI Wesley Chin

21st: FAA Medical Doctor

25th: FAA Medical Doctor

From the Right Seat

By Pete Rafle ATP CFII

At the beginning of a new year, I am offering a retelling of one of my early memories of working at 39N. We can do many things in an airplane. How many of you have launched a mission to spread ashes of a poor departed soul? So, how do you do it? Who is going to teach you the proper technique, so you don’t fill the cabin with ashes, or strip the paint off the tail with abrasive bits of bone? Never thought about that did you?

I was a part time instructor at 39N arriving in the morning with only a couple of flights on the schedule. The airport owner, Dick Nierenberg, spotted me and directed me to his office. He said that since I did not have a student for a couple of hours, he had a job for me. “ Have you ever spread ashes from an airplane?” he asked. I replied that I had not, but I was certain that I could do it. Dick said, “No, you cannot do it until I teach you how. I you screw up, the ashes will either be sucked back into the cockpit, or they could be blown back and remove paint from the tail like it was sand blasted!” He explained that the undertaker and family would be at the airport shortly and would watch as I departed

for the “drop zone”. He stressed that this is a solemn job, and we need to respect the emotions of the family. I imagined black clothed mourners standing on the ramp, weeping, as I slowly taxied past them.

Click here to read on 

News from the Princeton Airport's Flying Tigers

Don Denny, President

Next PAFT Meeting Wednesday, January 11th @ 6:30 pm

Happy New Year everyone. The next PAFT meeting will be on Zoom on January 11, 2023, at 6:30 pm. A Zoom link will be sent to the mailing list several days prior. This month, our speaker will be Steve Bateman from AOPA, speaking on aviation insurance. This has been a hot topic in the last couple of years as rates have risen and some types of coverage have become more difficult or impossible to obtain. Please join us for an interesting and educational session. Steve’s talk starts at 7 pm.


If you would like to join us and are not already on the email list, please send me an email at ddennyjr@gmail.com


We welcome students, new pilots and new members! We meet on the second Wednesday of the month September to May. Have a topic you are interested in? Check our web page at PAFT-nj.org or send me an email at ddennyjr@gmail.com

Fly safe,

Don Denny


PAFT President 


Princeton Airport’s Flying Tigers Mini-Fly-Ins 

Ben Gazdowicz

2022 turned out to be a good year for PAFT MFIs as we traveled to 12 airports, on 49 trips, totaling 102 planes, 151 pilots and crew, covering 12,700 nautical miles.  We had our largest MFI to Ocean City, NJ (26N) with 6 planes and 9 pilots and crew.


Come join us in 2023! Happy New Year!


PAFT MFI: Ben Gazdowicz - bengaz@prodigy.net

PAFT Restaurant guide: REVISED FORMAT


PAFT membership:



Ben Gazdowicz - bengaz@prodigy.net 


PAFT Restaurant guide: UPDATED!!!


PAFT membership:


PAFT Tested restaurants: http://www.paft-nj.org/WEB_PAGE_PAFT_AIRPORT_RESTAURANTS.htm. 

PAFT MFI: Ben Gazdowicz - bengaz@prodigy.net 

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