Volume 16 | June 2020
The Latest News At American Pollution Control Corporation
LWCC Awards AMPOL Safest 70 Recipient
Each year, the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) evaluates the safety performance of its 20,000 plus policyholders across the state of Louisiana and recognizes the top companies for their outstanding safety programs. These “Safest 70” have demonstrated exemplary safety practices and a real dedication to workplace safety. LWCC recognizes American Pollution Control Corp. as a 2020 recipient of LWCC’s Safest 70 Award.
AMPOL Earns An EMR (Experience Modification Rate) Of .77
For our next insurance year our new EMR will now be .77. This is the best EMR in the 27 year history of AMPOL.
AMPOL Welcomes New Safety Manager To The Team
Toby Lemaire
Toby has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental and Sustainable Resources from USL (now ULL). He has been working in the health, safety and environment (HSE) field since 1998, including a 6 year stint at the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) where he was an auditor and enforcement writer for environmental regulations. He also has experience in consulting, performing HSE auditing, spill response, and phase 1 site assessments. He most recently worked in the HSE field at Schlumberger, where he excelled at a wide range of HSE compliance duties for 14 years.
AMPOL Aquires Commercial Pesticide Applicator &
Anti-Microbial Pest Control Certification

AMPOL adds license to our extensive list of certifications, which allows us to maintain our role as the Premiere Disinfection Services company.
AMPOL Adds New Equipment
AMPOL adds to it's already extensive fleet of vehicles with the acquisition of a new stainless vacuum truck with acid/caustic capability.
AMPOL Adds Another Marco Water Skimmer
The Marco water skimme r is a designated oil recovery vessel with a single belt skimmer. It is powered by onboard engines for skimming in the shallow water environments of harbors, coastal areas, rivers and lakes. It is equipped with a water spray system to herd oil to the recovery belt.
AMPOL Adds Offshore Containment Booms to it's Response Stockpile

AMPOL's Oil Stop Division has manufactured three (3) types of oil spill containment booms to add to our extensive emergency response inventory.
1.  Multi-point Inflation Offshore (43-inch) Inflatable boom.  The MI43 is packaged 500 feet per pallet and includes 2 towing bridles and an inflation nozzle on each pallet.

2. Auto Boom Offshore – The single point inflation boom is packaged 400 feet per skid, including, jumper hoses, towing bridles and end caps.

3. SFB36 (Solid Flotation Boom , 36-inch overall height). This boom is produced into 50 feet sections, with 12-inch freeboard and 24-inch skirt. The SFB36 is suitable for bays, lakes, open harbors, or nearshore applications.
AMPOL Welcomes Jose Delgado To The Team
Jose Delgado is the Operations Manager for AMPOL Corp, in the southern Louisiana area. Jose comes with over 16 years of experience in emergency response and industrial operations. His career includes project management, operations management and also divisional management experience. Jose has also been actively involved over the years with implementing compliance to include OSRO compliance along with mobile facilities. Jose is also still active in the Air Force National Guard to include over 17 years of service. His military career includes Cyber Security and Combat Communications. Jose has done a tour overseas from 2017 to 2018 that included international cyber security along with ensuring top secret infrastructure capabilities were functional during active warfare with surrounding countries. Jose is currently pursuing his Bachelors degree in Business Management from Grantham University.
AMPOL Leads The Pack In Disinfection Services with It's Partnership With Safety Management Systems
Our disinfection process incorporates real-time data on the cleanliness of a surface. We measure RLU (Relative Light Units) that cells emit, and strive for hospital grade levels of disinfection. We also have the ability to analyze surfaces for the presence of COVID-19.
Keep your customers and employees safe with medical grade COVID-19 disinfection other cleaning companies can’t provide. Our disinfection procedures and equipment are what makes AMPOL the number one choice for t otal Disinfection .
At AMPOL, our capabilities in UV technology set the standard for Facility Disinfection. Our UVC air sanitizers are self-fabricated with standard negative air machine HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of all particles in the air. AMPOL also provides the best option with our self-fabricated UV HEPA Hogs for disinfecting large industrial spaces.

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