Volume 17| August 2020
News About American Pollution Control Corporation
What the company is doing in the month of August
AMPOL Proudly Receives the LWCC Safest 70 Award
AMPOL has been selected as the winner of LWCC 2019 Safest 70 Award. Established in 2008, the award honors LWCC policyholders who exemplify the company's commitment to workplace safety. We are proud to be recognized for our leadership in employee health and wellness. Our commitment to Safety has produced multiple years with zero lost time accidents, a great achievement in the emergency and industrial services environment in which we work. We are proud of all our employees who own this stellar safety record.
AMPOL Again Acquires New Equipment
AMPOL purchases 2 new pressure washers trailers. We take pride in knowing that our equipment is up to date and ready to service our customers needs. Ou r continued acquisition of such assets reflects our commitment to growth and our desire to provide the highest level of professional services our customers have come to expect.
AMPOL purchases a new truck to add to it's already extensive array of vehicles.
AMPOL Provides Boat Safety Course and Boom Training
Below is a picture of our training professionals working with a client on boom deployment training and boating safety. We provide small boat safety and Boom handling and deployment classes on site.

Ampol and Oil Stop, AMPOL's boom manufacturing division, not only provide the boom as needed and requested by clients, we also provide training on site to include small boat safety. Training is part classroom and part hands on. Clients receive instruction in class and in the field at their actual location or at one of Ampol’s training facilities

Parties interested in training can contact Ampol at 800- 482-6765
AMPOL Acquires New Port Arthur Manager
AMPOL is Proud to Welcome Ronald Villanoueva
Ronald brings experience and local knowledge of the Golden Triangle. His duties will include continuing to grow Ampol operations in the Beaumont, Port Arthur and Nederland areas. All of Ampol's services are available from our Port Arthur office. To Contact Ampol please call 800-482-6765.
At AMPOL we use Unmatched UVC Technology that Sets the Standard for Facility Disinfection.
Airborne droplets are the primary source of transferring the Coronavirus, and these droplets can stay airborne and alive for up to 8 hours, making UV disinfection vital to having a safe work place. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to disinfect any size office or facility.
UVC Air Sanitizers

Our UVC air sanitizers use standard negative air machines and HEPA filters that capture 99.97% of all particles in the air. The filtered air is then directed through a UV light box to sterilize and residual viruses or bacteria. Systems using UVC light have been shown to reduce room contamination of bacterial spores in multiple environmental studies.

Our HEPA Hogs are designed for disinfecting
larger industrial spaces. The technology behind
them involves using large industrial fans that we
have equipped with HEPA filters and a UVC light system that sterilizes any residual viruses or bacteria. The filtered and sterilized air is then directed at a high velocity back into the environment.
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