AutonomouStuff January 2021 News
Enabling the future of autonomy.

AutonomouStuff leads the industry in enabling, accelerating and deploying the future of autonomy.

Our team works hard to remain at the forefront of technology in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry, with one main goal: help our customers succeed.

Communication is a vital component of that goal, so each month we share what's new and the success of our partnerships.

In this issue:

  • Empowering an autonomous future: 2021 SAM Talks
  • High-speed autonomy — powered by Hexagon

  • New product: smartmicro Collision Avoidance

What's happening at AS?
  • Meet the team: Scott Yerbic
  • AutonomouStuff culture

  • SAM Talk — Enabling Tier IV Robotaxi: Autoware and AutonomouStuff
  • Webinar on demand: Autonomy for Off-Road Applications
  • Upcoming events
Empowering an autonomous future: 2021 SAM Talks
Chief Autonomous Officer Bobby Hambrick kicked off our 2021 series of SAM Talks in January, exploring the progress and potential of Hexagon's Smart Autonomous Mobility (SAM) solutions portfolio.

SAM concentrates expertise across corporate divisions and disciplines to deliver the hardware, software and services necessary for autonomous operations in a variety of industries — mining, agriculture, defense and transportation, from single autonomous vehicle prototypes to entire freight hauling fleets.

Bobby's SAM Talk, Smart Autonomous Mobility: Empowering an Autonomous Future, set the stage for a series of presentations in 2021 that will demonstrate with real-world applications the potential of SAM's three pillars: enable, accelerate and deploy.

The first SAM Talk is available on demand right here, and registration is now open for the SAM Talk in February — Enabling Tier IV Robotaxi: Autoware and AutonomouStuff. More details below!
High-speed autonomy: powered by Hexagon
Indy Autonomous Challenge organizers took to the virtual CES 2021 stage in January with an unprecedented unveiling: a modified Dallara-IL15 race car built to compete autonomously at up to 200 mph!

We announced our sponsorship of the Challenge last year, and our Segment Director of Core Autonomy, Lee Baldwin, spoke with The Leaderboard in January about what role Hexagon's Autonomy & Positioning division has played in the challenge so far.

Now, we can't wait to begin integration work for the remaining vehicles, and see the checkered flag fly in October. More to come!
New product: smartmicro Collision Avoidance
Collision Avoidance, smartmicro's latest feature 3D Occupancy Grid, is running on the short/medium range radar UMRR-96 Type 153.

It can be used in a collision avoidance system on slowly driving vehicles – such as delivery robots – to provide proximity warning and avoid collisions with stationary obstacles or slowly moving objects like pedestrians.

Key features of Collision Avoidance include:
  • monitor and track a 3D grid, detecting all obstacles in front of sensor.
  • capacity for vehicle to decide if objects can be driven over or under.
  • no external data input necessary
  • fully integrated algorithms and functions prevent need for additional hardware.
  • sensor can be mounted at any position.

Check out our product page for more information about smartmicro's Collision Avoidance, or go to their vendor page to learn more about their sensors and see a radar comparison chart.
Meet the team: Scott Yerbic
Scott Yerbic is the Document Control Coordinator for AutonomouStuff. He came to the company looking for a role that was part management to share his 15 years of experience dealing with data management in a setting geared for innovation in autonomy.

"I thought I could bring that experience and be an asset to the company," Scott said. "I find autonomous technology fascinating. It’s exciting to be part of a company building towards the future, and I am proud to be part of it."

We love to see our employees bring deep industry experience to the field of autonomy! Find out more about our awesome team right here.
AutonomouStuff culture
AutonomouStuff values relationships — with employees, partners, and the communities where we all live. We strive to give employees opportunities to grow alongside the company, while together setting a course for the future of transportation. We consider the culture that has evolved at AutonomouStuff a vital part of the enterprise, and we work hard to maintain an environment that cherishes individuality, nurtures teamwork, and ultimately makes us more like family than colleagues.

Learn more about our culture.
SAM Talk — Enabling Tier IV Robotaxi: Autoware and AutonomouStuff
Tier IV launched the first autonomous taxi service in Japan late last year, relying on the unique combination of Autoware autonomous driving software and custom PACMod 3.0 drive-by-wire system development from AutonomouStuff.
In our second SAM Talk, which explores the Enable pillar of Hexagon's Smart Autonomous Mobility portfolio, Chief Autonomous Officer Bobby Hambrick and Tier IV Chief Technical Officer Shinpei Kato will discuss the work that went into enabling the robotaxi and its future.

Both speakers also are board members of the Autoware Foundation, which guides community development of the open-source autonomous driving software, including recent additions such as Autonomous Valet Parking. Mark the calendar for 1 p.m. CST Feb. 23 to learn more about how Autoware development was integral to the launch of Japan's first automated taxi service.

Registration is now open and can be found right here!
Webinar on demand: Autonomy for Off-Road Applications
The road to autonomy looks different off-road. While the safety standards and equipment expectations are different, the necessity of perception and sensing devices like lidar, radar, cameras and more remain the same. 
Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division produced a free webinar featuring Segment Director of Core Autonomy Lee Baldwin and Director of Agriculture Sales & Support Tanner Whitmire to explain these unique sensing and perception systems, and how they enable vision processing, object detection and classification, and more through sensor fusion.

Check out the free webinar any time right here to learn more about how these complex systems work together.
Upcoming events

February 23, 2021: SAM Talk: Tier IV Robotaxi


June 8-10, 2021: AVT Expo

September 13-15, 2021: MINExpo

October 11-15, 2021: ITS World Congres