March 8, 2017                                                                                                         Newsblast Vol.7 No. 14
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Coalition For A Diverse Community
Reservoir Health Focus of Wakefield Public Forum
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2017 Engagement Symposium

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Center for Engagement and Community Development
Given the concerns of religious persecution, fear among Americans about terrorism on U.S. soil, and a tumultuous presidential election year, a call for religious inclusivity, civility and interreligious understanding is more relevant than ever. Read more here.

I nstitute for Civic Discourse and Democracy
Concerns that sedimentation is filling the reservoir and blue-green algae blooms that impair water quality are recurring prompted high turnout at a public forum in Wakefield, Kan. on February 9. Read more here.

Kansas State University established the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (ICDD) in 2004 to enhance democracy through improved community deliberation. Soon after, the Center for Engagement and Community Development (CECD) was created by K-State in 2006 to connect the resources of the university to significant issues of public need facing Kansas and communities worldwide. To help sustain rural communities due to growing economic problems, CECD launched the Rural Grocery Initiative (RGI) in 2008.