A few updates..
Ruthie is enjoying her family sabbatical in Baja, Mexico;
Milagro has a growing partnership with Graystone Builders Inc. of New Hampshire and the Bay Area Conscious Kitchen project;
Santana is back from their summer European tours and thrilling Las Vegas audiences once again at the House of Blues;
Our UCSF partnership is in Year #2 in support of the Tiopa Sustainability Project in Carlos' hometown of Autlan, Mexico;
and more...Shelley
An awesome partnership for kids!
Conscious Kitchen,
Graystone Builders Inc.
and the Milagro Foundation
The Conscious Kitchen , a SF Bay Area Milagro Foundation grantee, is supported by a new partnership with Graystone Builders Inc., of New Hampshire.

Living an underprivileged childhood, a teacher reached out to a young David Smith, President of Graystone Builders Inc. to make sure he had a full meal each day at school. This resulted in a positive change in both his attitude and academics.

It is Graystone’s goal to ensure children get at least one meal to look forward to each day. Since Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation puts such a focus on children, it was the perfect choice for Graystone to partner with.

How does it work?
Graystone sells a home and offers extras to the buyer when he/she makes a donation to Carlos Santana's Milagro Foundation. The buyer's donation helps provide food equity to underserved children through the Conscious Kitchen project.

Graystone is excited about this partnership and looks forward to being able to help the Milagro foundation with mutual goals.

The Milagro Foundation has been supporting the Conscious Kitchen project since 2014
and the MLK school garden in
Marin City since 2009.

Imagine if elementary school students were served fresh, made-from-scratch, organic food, grown by local farmers.

Join us as we work
to create access to healthy food for children, strengthen regenerative, organic regional food systems, and ignite a farm–to–school movement through a ground breaking program, Conscious Kitchen,
a program of Turning Green (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit).

The goal of Conscious Kitchen is to address food equity, education, and access by shifting the paradigm around school food service. 
Shelley Brown &
Ruthie Moutafian
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