Our Grateful Hearts
Thank you for ordering so many masks from us. We paid the rent thanks to all of you! We will continue to carry masks online even after we open the store to help you with your mask needs. Our masks are not N95 PPE but they are triple-layered and washable.

While we can't promise specific patterns, we have several choices of styles and designs. Until we open, hopefully some time in May, mask prices will remain at $10 each plus shipping.

Simply click the link below to connect to our website and press "Shop Online". Again, many thanks!
Are There Fairies In Your Garden?

 It has been said that every time a seed sprouts, a garden fairy is born...

In the roots of trees, flower pots or the beds of gardens, tiny worlds and the magical beings who live there are waiting to be found. 

Fairy gardens, inside or out, have been around for centuries and are another fun project to ignite imaginations and inspire storytelling with your kids! 

To begin: Have them write a short story of their garden fairy. Where would they live? Does their fairy have a name? What are their favorite things or colors? (Hey, does this also qualify as an English class assignment?) 
Once they have written their short story, it’s time to start creating! Using a flower pot, a small shallow box, a clay saucer or even a designated place outside, have them start filling it with soil, rocks, plants, whatever you have on hand or can find. (Note: if using a shallow box, you can have them paint the box first if you like. (Hmmm, Art Class assignment?)
Next, it’s time for the garden fairy’s favorite things... These could be as simple as some toys from the toy box for them to play on, chairs made from sticks for their fairies to sit on or maybe a mushroom made from clay for their fairies to hide under! It’s all left up to their imaginations! 

Lastly, when it is all put together, it’s show and tell time! Have them draw a picture of their garden to complete the story they wrote, then ask them to read the story and describe the picture to you!

A Delightful Breakfast
Breakfast Skillet Delight is the perfect meal for a anyone heading out to create a magical fairy garden. These buttery and crepe-like delights become magical when sprinkled with lemon and fairy dust!
Inspired by One of Our Own
Here at Eclectics the member artists have been busy supporting their communities however they can. We have been inspired by the frontline medical workers’ tireless efforts to care for the sick. A special inspiration has come from one of our own. Member artist Kathleen Foley’s daughter, Heather, has been working in a Manhattan New York City hospital. Daily, she has faced just what this virus can do to the human body. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to caring for those patients. We have supported her by sending specialized supplies and a piece of home to help her keep going. She is on our minds and in our hearts as she continues to work diligently to help patients get through this horrible disease. 
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