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June 24, 2020

4th Sunday after Pentecost

June 28, 2020
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“Whoever welcomes you welcomes me..."  Matthew 10:40
Jesus says these words just as he is sending out his disciples to do ministry in his name. The point of his words is not in considering how we are called to “welcome all people,” but it is an invitation to take the step (or shall we say leap of faith!) of becoming vulnerable in “putting ourselves out there” (i.e. being a guest and being welcomed by others). Jesus tells the disciples that when they do this, some will reject and ignore them, and some will welcome them. When people welcome them, they are welcoming him and receiving the message of the gospel. The disciples become envoys, or messengers, that bring God’s presence into others’ lives. May God make us envoys, by using our lives and our ministry to share the gospel!
OUTDOOR SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP CONTINUES! We have been blessed with great weather thus far! We will continue to plan an outdoor worship service each Sunday at 9:00AM, with a livestream recording that will be posted on Facebook and once the service is finished, we will transfer it (by 12 noon) to our website and our YouTube channel for viewing.

The TRANSITION OF MOVING TO A NEW CHURCH APP will happen in the coming weeks. Our current app will discontinue on July 1. We are hoping to have our new church app ASAP. If it is after July 1, members may need to use our FaceBook page.       

See you in the Parking Lot or online! God’s peace,
Pastor Ken    
Our worship leadership team in the shadow of the cross leading us in worship!
At 9:00am, this Sunday, June 28, you will see a lot of activity in our parking lot! We will have a sound system set up with a table that will enable us to sing (with keyboard and guitars), pray, read scripture, proclaim the Word of God, and share in Holy Communion.
Cars will be directed to park - If you bring your lawn chair , you will be directed to park at the very back and walk up to set your chair in the shade or in the area left open in the front. If you prefer to sit in your car (or sit in your chair just outside your car ) you will be directed to parking spaces in the middle area of the parking lot facing the front.
Parking Lot Attendants and Basket Helpers - We will have members to direct you and pass out bulletins and communion kits. Bathrooms will be available by accessing through the outside door to the Education building hallway. We have asked our volunteers to wear masks and sanitize their hands as they approach worshipers in their cars and lawn chairs. IF YOU CAN HELP CONTACT: Rick Krenzer (Parking Lot Attendants) and Page Putnam (Basket Case People)
Sunglasses are recommended - The temperature should be mild (60-75 degrees) at 9:00am-10:00. However, the sun will be just rising up over the trees and church building to shine into worshipers faces. There may be a chance of rain. We will not likely cancel the service based on a forecast, unless there is a high probability of a thunderstorm or rain. A special message will be sent out and posted on the church app if it is necessary to move the service indoors for our worship leadership team to record on-line.
Invite your friends and family to
Epiphany's Outdoor Worship- June 28, 9am
A Chance to See and Be with One Another Outdoors
at a Safe Social Distance
People in cars and in lawn chairs worshipping
MORE VARIETY OF FACE MASKS HAVE BEEN CRAFTED AND ARE AVAILABLE IN THE GATHERING AREA AT CHURCH - There are 3 sizes: regular, small and X-small. I've attached a photo. The smallest fits young kids, the small is for preteen or tiny adults. Stop by the church during office hours, pick up on picnic tables on Sunday morning during outdoor worship, or call the church to have us to deliver it to your home. Thanks to Sue Helmken for taking the time to make the masks for us.
For more information click here Transition Team
Message from Our Director of Music - Julia Bozarth
Thanks for all the warm welcoming to Epiphany Lutheran! My husband, Jeff, our youngest daughter, Cindy, and I are excited about being at Epiphany, and we look forward to worshiping with you each Sunday.
We live in Gastonia, NC. We are originally from Indianapolis, IN, where I graduated from Butler University with a major in Music Education. Jeff was in the US Navy, and we lived in Charleston, SC for several years in the mid '80's. We fell in love with the Carolinas, and decided that we would make the area our home when we got the chance.  
Feel free to come up and say 'hello' after service. We may be wearing masks, but we're smiling because we're happy to meet you!
ON-LINE WORSHIP SERVICES - This Sunday - Livestream Video
Look for our LIVESTREAM RECORDING of the June 28 9am Outdoor Worship Service :
 Worship Videos on Epiphany's Facebook Page (Sunday 9am; and anytime after)
Worship Videos on Epiphany's Website (a direct link to Facebook at 9am and will be converted to a link to view off of YouTube by 12noon)
Epiphany Lutheran Church Rock Hill YouTube channe l (livestream video recorded and posted by 12noon)
WORSHIP SERVICES ARE POSTED FOR 24 HOURS before they are edited and re-posted.
Epiphany Council Meeting Update
The members of Council met in a video conference on Wednesday, June 17. The following are highlights of the meeting:
  • Director of Music, Julia Bozarth, was hired June 1.
  • Nursery Careworker, Lori Oxendine, submitted her resignation on June 6 due to family circumstances. We are not looking to fill this position immediately, as we are not offering a nursery during at this time of the virus pandemic.
  • We received the resignation of our Council Secretary, Angie Gregory, on June 11, due to new work responsibilities and family circumstances. Council will appoint a member to complete the elected term of this position.
  • Property Ministry Leadership Team Chair, Rick Krenzer, is resigning due to accepting a new position with Habitat for Humanity. He has agreed to serve through June 30. WE ARE SEEKING A VOLUNTEER TO FILL HIS POSITION.
  • Two members, a male and female, are planning to attend with Pastor Gillikin the upcoming SC Synod Assembly at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church (Lexington, SC) on Saturday, July 25.
  • We will be gradually transitioning to a new church management system called Church Base, that will replace our membership database, digital giving module, website, and communication app.
  • A new copier (Sharp MX-2651; contracted with Vision Office Systems) was installed in the church office copy room, replacing the Riso machine that was in the conference room.
  • An update was provided by the Transition Team and Outdoor Worship Team on where we stand in the process of planning to return to gathering inside for worship.
  • A sound system was purchased for use in Outdoor Worship Services. Funds ($1200) were approved to be drawn from existing designated funds of the Chocolate Festival, Beer and Hymns, and Oktoberfest. The sound system can also be used for these events in the future.
  • The role of the Finance Committee was discussed as primarily supporting the work of the Treasurer, reviewing Treasurer's Reports, and making recommendations for Council.
The next video conference meeting is scheduled for July 15, 6pm.
E C A T Ministry Available to Help You Stay Safe
  • Epiphany Crisis Assistance Ministry (ECAT) is the name of the ministry of support that offers assistance to run errands such as shopping and going to the pharmacy. If you have a need for this help or know others who do, contact Christia Humburg (christia@fmhm.org or 803-370-1010) or the church office. Volunteers are also encouraged to call to offer their time and help.
  • Hallowed Hands Prayer Team and Prayer Requests - If you have a prayer request you can contact Julie Waldrop (360-903-0719) or call the church office.
  • Join the ON-LINE BIBLE STUDY with Pastor (invitation emailed every Tuesday AM or call the church office). 
  • Daily Video Devotion from the SC Synod Office - Click this link for the SC Synod Facebook page that will provide a daily weekday video devotion each Tuesday at 10AM (available anytime afterwar)  https://www.facebook.com/scsynod
  • We will post a link to our Worship Service so that it is uploaded by Sunday 9:00am on Facebook, Church Website, and YouTube channel. If you need tech assistance to figure out how to view these videos, you may contact James Brooks (803-325-4024) or Margaret Gillikin (803-673-3441).  A COPY OF SUNDAY'S BULLETIN WILL BE AVAILABLE and posted with the worship video to download and/or print.
  • Daily Devotion Emails - If you would like an inspirational daily devotion, I recommend Luther Seminary God Pause Lenten Devotion.                    
"Hallowed Hands Ministry"

"Hallowed Hands" meetings are canceled until further notice. A reminder from Julie for all faithful prayer partners to refer to the the Proclaimer for updated prayer needs.
Please email Julie at w70julie@outlook.com with additions or deletions to this important ministry.
Shawn Price ( Phyllis Lewis)
Jacob Rast (father of Judy Krenzer)
Sandra & Freddie Stewart (Krenzers)
Joyce Gillette (health issues)
Cindy Mobley (J. Gillette)
Ella Kingston (13-month-old Cerebral Palsy/Deb Zaken)
Holly, Kristina & Annabeth Truitt (Sandra Hinson)
Shirley Robinson (Joy Robinson)
Ellen & Kenny Green
James Bennett
Charley Williams and husband (Pat Tucker)
Larry Sampson (Barbara Eggert)
Bill and Jenny Marsh
Marilyn Washington (Ann Kilburg)
Elizabeth Nilsson (sister of Ann Kilburg)
Janie Sigmon (cancer)
Nancy Namestha (illness and pain) /J. Gillette
Ginney Elmgreen (J.Gillette)
Nancy Smith (Christia Humburg's mother)
Emory McLaurin (cancer/D.Keener)
Epiphany Lutheran Church (praying for everyone during this Coronavirus crisis)
Pat and Desi Ware (Sharon Eichler)
Ella Mae Sampson (Marilyn Magers)
Lil Dowdy (sister of Myra Roulette) physical and spiritual healing
Evelyn Grado-Wolynies and her son Drew Wolynies (Marilyn Magers)
Steve Barthelmess (cancer)/Uncle of Joe Taylor)
Angel Creson (illness) J. Gillette
Brandi and Brian Bishop (Brian has cancer) R. Brooks
May Hiltebeitel (Buck's mom/in nursing home/not feeling well/covid 19 at facility)
Eva, Edward, and Eric (death of husband/father) friend of Dawn Coyne
Family of John Anjivino (died/friend of James Brooks)
Bob (sickness) / uncle of Jeff Gwaltney
Levi Riley (injury) /Pastor
Barbara Franks (illness)/ J. Gillette
Mike Percival (cancer) /cousin of Jim Percival
Sylvia Brown (swallowing problem) /J.Gillette
                                          updated 6/24/2020         
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