Voice of Faith - November 25, 2019
Stand Firm Banner
Each week we will highlight a student in our "Stand Firm" theme. This week is Boyd Collis from Mrs. Pryseski's First Grade Class.
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No Pizza Lunch on Tuesday
Just a reminder there will be NO pizza lunch tomorrow.

Thanksgiving Break
  • Just a reminder there is NO school November 27th - 29th enjoy your Thanksgiving Break.

2019-2020 Basketball Season Pass
If you would like to arrive at a basketball game and not have to hit the cash machine before coming or wonder if you have enough cash to get in then our Falcon Season Pass is for you. Below are the prices for the passes. Please contact brian.hobbs@faithchristianacademy.net 
Adult – 50.00
Student – 20.00
Senior Citizen – 30.00
Family ( maximum 4) – 125.00

Digital Box Top Challenge
The Digital Box Top Challenge has begun! Parents download the App for your chance to win a prize! The highest earning class will have a POPCORN PARTY! 
The Digital Challenge ends January 17th!
Weather Announcements
In case of inclement weather, please be advised that we do not always follow the Berkeley County Public Schools' emergency closing schedule! Faith Christian Academy will always have its own announcement regarding school closings and delays. We will place announcements in the following media:
  • School website: www.faithchristianacademy.net (message will appear in a yellow box at top of home page)
  • Radio stations: WEPM (1340 AM) and Lite 97.5
  • Television: NBC News 25
  • A text message will be sent through the Renweb data base – all parents will receive a text alert 
  • Phone Message: Call the school and enter extension 223 for weather related messages
Every attempt will be made to make a call by 6:00 a.m. on the morning of a cancellation or delay. If a two-hour delay is called then parents need to check back and see if a second announcement is made. Again, every attempt will be made to make a call as quickly as possible. A two-hour delay will result in before care opening at 9:00 a.m. On days where weather may prompt an early dismissal, please do not call the school office. Check your texts frequently when inclement weather occurs or listen for the radio announcement. The school phone lines are needed for emergency purposes. You must be prepared to pick up your child or arrange for them to be picked up when weather causes an early dismissal. The safety of our staff is also extremely important to us. We will want to get them home as quickly and safely as possibly.
Any time the forecast is for inclement weather our primary goal is to make the very best decision for the safety of our students. We realize that our students come from a wide geographic area and that road conditions often vary greatly across the region. When inclement weather occurs, parents must use their best judgment in determining whether or not to bring children to school or pick them up early. When parents choose to keep their children home due to the weather, those absences will be excused with a note indicating the reason for the absence or tardy.
Dress for the weather
The weather is turning colder, and students need to be properly dressed for outdoor recess. We will get the students outside for fresh air as much as possible.

Please remember to send your child with a coat, hat and gloves for outdoor recess.
In an effort to clear up the germs and viruses, we are asking that if your child experiences any of the following symptoms to please keep them home for the day.

Symptoms include: Runny nose with yellow/green discharge, nausea/vomiting, sore throat, chills or fever, diarrhea or any other conditions that might be contagious. A student should be fever free for 24 hours (without medication) before returning back to school.
Absentee notes can be emailed to Joy Hobbs at joy.hobbs@faithchristianacademy.net . Please be aware that parents will not be notified if a note is not submitted. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to communicate with the teachers concerning absences and make up work.
Dates to Remember

  • 26th Thanksgiving Feast
  • 27th-29th Thanksgiving Break
Did You Know?
Did you know? Thanksgiving didn't become a national holiday until over 200 years later. Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who actually wrote the classic song “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” convinced President Lincoln in 1863 to make Thanksgiving a national holiday, after writing letters for 17 years campaigning for this to happen.