Global Great Commission Network Update
September 2020 Newsletter #29
Greetings from the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN) Global Steering Team. It is our pleasure to bring you this update of GGCN including opportunities for you to be part of this growing effort. We encourage you to:

  • Connect with and be part of the regional expressions of GGCN in:

_____Central Asia, see or email

_____Elsewhere: The Global Great Commission Network is proactively expanding into other
_____regions. For more information or to see how you can be involved, email

  • Provide your expertise in needed global volunteer roles, including important needs such as Social Media Coordinator and several other volunteer opportunities.

GGCN is a grassroots movement designed to facilitate connections, communications, and collaboration among the broad Great Commission community, including networks, associations, agencies, individuals, and others. Take a look at some of the current opportunities at and let us know how we can connect with and serve you. Your free participation in our social network platform, Connect, is encouraged as a way for you to securely facilitate your own group or network and to connect with the greater Great Commission community.

Mission Frontiers Article - Next Steps after Tokyo: GGCNAsia
By Rev. Paul Radha Krishnan

At the Tokyo 2010 Global Mission Consultation, presentations and discussions about global evangelism, discipleship, and unreached people groups helped me to think differently about mission strategies. The consultation vision “Making Disciples of Every People in Our Generation” rings in my ears to this day. And, the announcement of the “Tokyo Declaration” provided a unifying statement to unite every follower of Christ to obey the Great Commission.

The Birth of GGCN India

That momentum continued and became encapsulated in the Global Great Commission Network (GGCN). As this movement to carry on the Tokyo 2010 vision began to spread across the globe, I was appointed as the national coordinator of GGCN India.

GGCN is a volunteer movement designed to stimulate worldwide mission efforts. Each national GGCN chapter is independent, autonomous, and locally resourced. They represent the national interdenominational and intercultural Church. Leaders include men and women as well as clergy and laity. GGCN chapters give attention to grassroot practitioners, local community needs, and building awareness of effective missional strategies for local cultural and political situations. Everything is done from a non-competitive stance, seeking to serve churches and missions. The work of each GGCN chapter is determined by its national leadership.

GGCN India focuses on the following areas:

•        Personal discipline and engagement in discipleship.
•        Children and youth as today’s Church
•        Mobilizing the alternative mission force.
•        Engaging unengaged people groups and areas.

We translated the Tokyo Declaration and GCCN Discipleship Survey into local Indian languages to make it accessible to more church leaders and other Christian workers. We also planned seminars, conferences, workshops and training programs in local Indian languages.

GGCN India is also helping emerging leaders and organizations connect with one another as well with other churches and missions which share their vision.

Moving Beyond India Into Asia

Asia is both the source of most world religions and philosophies as well as the home of vast numbers of unreached peoples. Sixty percent of the world’s population is here, split into more than seven thousand people groups. Around seventy percent of these groups are unreached.

As GGCN India took root, we became a launching point for expansion of GGCN’s presence across Asia. GGCN’s steering team connected with Church and mission leaders in Sri Lanka and Nepal. Each has, in turn, begun their own autonomous GGCN chapters.

GGCN Asia continues to grow in countries across Asia. Working together we can reach the unreached and disciple the nations of our continent in this generation! (Read the full June 2020 Mission Frontiers article).

Dr. Paul Radha Krishnan ( is a member of the GGCN Global Steering Team, GGCN Asia director and the director of Mahanaim Ministries.

Thank you for your interest in the Global Great Commission Network. We invite you to partner with GGCN at multiple levels and in various ways. We continue to seek individuals, groups, and networks to make use of Connect, our secure, free online platform. As noted above, current specific needs include a volunteer Social Media Coordinator and several other regional and global leadership roles. We look forward to hearing from you!

David Hupp, GGCN Facilitator for the GGCN Global Steering Team