Volume 64 | April 8, 2019
News from Hamilton High School
Congratulations to Hami Jazz Combo A who won the Monterey Jazz Festival’s Next Generation Competition. Individual awards went to Eddy Sarabia, tenor sax, Dalton Hayse, piano and Dario Bizio, bass.

Summer School Opportunities
Students who have received a D or F in any academic class or want to take PE or Health during summer, there are several opportunities available. Classes are available at Hamilton as well as online. Please visit the Summer School tab under Yankee Life on our website for more details. Spaces in all programs are limited so apply immediately! Students can also see their Academic Counselor for more information or to submit signed applications.
Save the Date - Medical Health Fair
Day of Silence – April 12, 2019
The Day of Silence is a student-led national event, sponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance club, where students take a vow of silence to highlight the silencing and erasure of LGBTQ people at school. Students will be passing out vow of silence cards and wearing buttons and stickers in support of the cause. Please go to the GLSEN website for more information.  
Gifted Parent Newsletter
Learn more about Schools for Advanced Studies and gifted learners by clicking here .

Games This Week:

2:30 pm VAR Softball vs Venice @ Pen Mar Park!
3:00 pm JV Softball vs Venice @ Home!

3:00 pm JV Baseball @ Fairfax HS
3:00 pm VR Hami Baseball vs Fairfax @ Home
4:00 pm Hami LAX boys vs. Brentwood @ Brentwood
5:30 pm Hami LAX Boys vs. El Camino @ Hami
6:00 pm Hami LAX Girls vs. El Camino @ El Camino

2:30 pm Track & Field @ Palisades HS
2:30 pm Hami Swim vs LACES @ LACES
3:00 pm JV Softball vs LACES @ Home!
3:00 pm VAR Softball vs LACES @ Home!
3:00 pm Hami Boys Volleyball (Varsity) @ LACES

2:30 pm Var Boys Tennis vs. Pali @ home
3:00 pm JV Baseball VS Fairfax HS @ Home
3:00 pm Hami LAX Boys vs. VASA @ VAAS
3:00 pm Yankee Volleyball vs. Alliance Ted Tajima
3:00 pm VAR Hami Baseball vs Fairfax @ FairFax
4:00 pm Hami LAX Girls vs. VAAS @ Hami

Click here to see the complete Athletics Calendar

Upcoming Events

Monday, 4/8, B Day

Tuesday, 4/9, C Day
Student General Assembly during Lunch
3:04 pm Dismissal
7:00 pm Friends of Humanities Meeting in Library

Wednesday, 4/10, A Day

Thursday, 4/11, B Day
GSA Assembly during Periods 1 & 2
4:30 pm HamLit in B10

Friday, 4/12, C Day
Day of Silence
6 pm Alumni Basketball Game

Monday, 4/15- Friday, 4/19 - Spring Break

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