Volume 59 | March 4, 2019
News from Hamilton High School
SAT for ALL Juniors on Wednesday
This Wednesday ALL juniors will be taking the SAT for FREE! A few things to remember about this amazing opportunity:

  • All students will go to Home Base first on Wednesday
  • Only approved calculators will be allowed (click here for detailed info about approved calculators)
  • There will be no extra calculators available on test day
  • Be sure to arrive on time to school
  • Get a great night's sleep and a healthy breakfast

Special Bell Schedule Wednesday
All students will report to HomeBase first on Wednesday.
Seniors will walk over to the auditorium with their HomeBase teachers for an important senior meeting.
Juniors will be escorted to their testing location.
9th and 10th graders will follow regular A Day schedule after HomeBase.
Congratulations to Our Girls' Basketball Team!
They played 3 games in the state championship and ended the season #5 in the city. We are so proud of all the hard work of Head Coach Sherlam Chensam, Assistant Coach Terry Cooke and our amazing players. Go Yankees!!
LaSO Assembly Thursday
 Every year, LaSO prepares an assembly to share with the whole school about Latino cultural heritage and the struggles that all immigrant groups face. This year's assembly is on Thursday, March 7th. Classes are invited to come to the assembly throughout the day to celebrate the proud Latino and immigrant heritage of the United States.
The Best Buddies club will be on the quad during lunch on Wednesday to kick off the Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign. This is a national campaign to encourage people to pledge to stop using the word retard--a word that can be hurtful and dehumanizing to individuals with special needs. Join us on the quad to sign a pledge to not use the R word.
Games This Week:

1:30 pm Hami Softball vs. Locke Charter JV @ 1:30p at LOCKE!
2:30 pm Hami Boys Tennis @ Marshall
2:30 pm Hami Boys Volleyball (JV) vs. University/West Los Angeles
3:00 pm Hami Softball vs. Locke Charter Var @3p at LOCKE!
3:00 pm Var Boys Volleyball @ UNI
4:00 pmHami Boys Volleyball (Varsity) vs. University/West Los Angeles

4:00 pm Var LAX Girls vs. Long Beach HS @ Long Beach

2:30 pm JV Baseball @ Harbor Teacher Prep
2:30 pm Track & Field @ University/West Los Angeles
2:30 pm Var Baseball vs Harbor Teacher Prep @ Home
2:30 pm Hami Boys Volleyball (JV) vs. Fairfax
2:30 pm Swim vs Santee @ Santee
3:00 pm JV softball vs Westchester @ Westchester
3:00 pm Var Softball vs Westchester @Westchester
3:00 pm Var Boys Volleyball vs. Fairfax @ Home
4:00 pm Hami Boys Volleyball (Varsity) vs. Fairfax

2:30 pm Var Boys Tennis vs. Venice @ home
3:00 pm Hami LAX Girls vs. Birmingham @ Birmigham
4:00 pm Hami LAX Boys vs. Birmingham @ Hami

Click here to see the complete Athletics Calendar

Upcoming Events

Monday, 3/4, B Day
ELPAC Testing Begins

Tuesday, 3/5, C Day
3:04 pm Dismissal

Wednesday, 3/6, A Day, Students go to HomeBase first
SAT for all 11th Graders, Special Bell Schedule
Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign at Lunch

Thursday, 3/7, B Day
All Day - LaSO Assembly
3:30 pm SSC Meeting

Friday, 3/8, C Day
7:00 pm Spring Fling
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