Volume I | April 2019
Housing Rehab Pro NRI News and Tips
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  • 2019 cost data incorporated into HRP NRI 2019 from the Craftsman National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator, the National Construction Estimator and the National Building Cost Manual.
  • Added “reinstall” cost type items (485) in the cost estimating form. The cost type filter allows the user to look for a particular type of work to narrow the number of cost items. A “reinstall” cost type will filter for cost items that remove and reinstall an existing item--for example, removing a toilet for flooring work and reinstalling the same toilet after completing the work.
  • Increased the number of “remove” cost type items in the cost estimating form (from 99 to 1780).
HRP Tips
Selecting an Overhead & Profit Factor
The Craftsman Book Company's cost databases do not include overhead and profit for the general contractor. Housing Rehab Pro NRI gives the user the option of setting this as a factor. 
To change the Overhead/Profit percentage factor, from the “Main Menu” screen, click on the “Set” button under the “Overhead/Profit” box and select a different percentage from the drop down menu in the “Change Overhead/Profit Percentage” screen. 

A 20% overhead and profit is the norm for general contractors in renovation work. For housing rehabilitation work, this percentage may be more or less depending on the size of the contractor, the total cost of the project, the particular market in which the work is performed, the project management skills provided by the entity bidding the work and the insurance/workers' compensation requirements of the bidding entity.

The preparation of a detailed work write-up and solid project management by the rehabilitation inspector may encourage contractors to bid rehabilitation projects more tightly. 


  • "Prices in this book do not include markup. Insurance repair markup is almost always 20 percent: 10 percent for overhead and 10 percent for profit. In renovation work on historical structures, markup may be as high as 30 percent, although markup over 20 percent may be “hidden” inside the unit cost. Typical remodeling work markup varies from 15 percent to 25 percent. The most common markup for all types of work is 20 percent."
Here's what Craftsman has to say about the direction of construction prices in the "about this book" section of the 2019 " National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator "

  • "Costs for construction labor and materials continue to rise faster than general consumer costs. Rising costs are fueled by a booming construction market in nearly all regions of North America, increasing tariffs, and higher fuel costs. This often means that even in a hot construction market, many repair and remodeling builders are seeing increasing pressure on margins as they struggle to find skilled labor and keep ahead of rising materials costs."
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