Volume I | June 2018
Housing Rehab Pro NRI News and Tips
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  • 2018 cost data from the Craftsman National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator, the National Construction Estimator and the National Building Cost Manual have been incorporated into HRP NRI 2018.
  • The sort order for the difficulty list boxes was not sorting negative numbers correctly. The sort order now lists the negative values in the proper order.
  • When search boxes were used to find work descriptions to add to the work write-up, an error message appeared. The list boxes may now be used to find work descriptions and add them to the work write-up without an error message.
HRP Tips
HRP Work Descriptions vs. Craftsman Cost Item Descriptions
When we made the decision to incorporate Craftsman cost data into Housing Rehab Pro in 2008 we had an important decision to make before beginning development. We could either use the Craftsman cost item descriptions or use our existing work descriptions. After initially trying to use the Craftsman cost item descriptions, we realized the wording was too vague and insufficient to create a proper scope of work.

For example, here is the Craftsman cost item description for a six-panel steel entry door:
  • 08 Openings, Doors and Frames, Steel foam core 1-3/4" thick prehung exterior doors, 3'0" x 6'8", colonial panel face

Although this description provides some specificity, it is not sufficient to provide enough information to the bidder. It does not specify if the door is being replaced or installed into a new opening. Also, when a door is replaced there are many more items to include in the scope of work such as demolition, lockset, deadbolt, peephole, trim and paint. The work write-up would become unnecessarily long if all of these items are included separately.

Our solution was to stick with our existing Work Descriptions (augmented by our General Specifications Manual). All necessary Craftsman cost items required to produce the correct cost estimate are linked to the Work Description. To avoid confusion, the bidders will see only the Work Description while the cost estimator will see the Work Description and the Craftsman cost items.

Here's what the Housing Rehab Pro version of this work description looks like:

  • Door/Exterior/6-Panel Steel/Pre-Hung/Replace. Replace exterior entrance door with new pre-hung-steel six panel door. Work shall include paint-both sides, lockset, deadbolt & peephole.

Here are the Craftsman Cost Items included in the background cost estimate:

  • Hardware, Keyed entry locksets, Antique brass
  • Door Hardware, Deadbolt, replace, standard grade
  • Painting, Doors, Paint steel entry door, 2 coats
  • 08 Openings, Doors and Frames, Steel foam core 1-3/4" thick prehung exterior doors, 3'0" x 6'8", colonial panel face
  • Doors, Exterior door jamb & casing, remove, exterior door, jamb & casing

We hope this discussion will help you to review your existing cost estimates or create new ones.
Here's what Craftsman has to say about the direction of construction prices in the "about this book" section of the 2018 " National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator ".

  • New construction and remodeling markets are back on track and it’s putting pressure on both labor and material costs. Throughout 2017, contractors were reporting delays receiving materials, especially framing lumber and OSB sheets, and many reported difficulty finding skilled labor. The surge in reconstruction activity in 2017 also pushed labor costs up in the specialized insurance repair market, and many employers are responding to that by reducing their share of the cost of health insurance or reducing or eliminating their contribution to a retirement program.

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