Volume I | April 2020
Housing Rehab Pro NRI News and Tips
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  • 2020 cost data incorporated into HRP NRI 2020 from the Craftsman National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator, the National Construction Estimator and the National Building Cost Manual.
  • HRP is now using MS Access 2013 as its default version of Access instead of the 2010 version. If the user has a copy of MS Access installed, HRP 2020 will run under the installed version. If the user does not have an installed version of Access, the Access 2013 runtime version will be installed, and HRP will run under the 2013 runtime version.
  • HRP is designed to run on the 32 bit version of MS Office. If the user has the 64 bit version installed, the 64 bit version must be uninstalled and the 32 bit version installed.
HRP Tips
Factoring Waste into Cost Estimates
Taking detailed measurements on-site during the initial inspection is critical to producing accurate cost estimates. Tight measurements are crucial, but what about the waste that is produced during the installation of materials such as roofing and siding? The contractor has paid for the waste and the labor that produced it. Shouldn't she be properly compensated for this expense?

So how should we handle waste in our cost estimate? My suggestion is to add waste into the quantity takeoff. For example, the actual measurement of coverage for a roof replacement is 1,500 sf. If this is a simple roof (gables only-no hips or valleys), and normally pitched (between 4-6/12), then add 10% to the quantity takeoff, making the bid quantity 1,650 sf (16.5 squares). If the roof is more complex, add 15%.The most complicated roof should warrant an additional 20%.

If waste is not factored into the quantity takeoffs, the contractor is forced to reflect waste in the cost/sf price of her bid. There is also the possibility that she will not realize that waste was not factored in, and underbid the project altogether. Another bidding contractor may add the waste into the cost/sf bid price, making a comparison between bidders impossible. Problems will definitely show up during a project when the contractor realizes her mistake and asks for more money.

The bottom line is to make your contractors aware of your takeoff practices. They should feel more comfortable bidding the project more tightly if they trust your quantity takeoffs. And after the work begins, fewer arguments about reimbursement should take place as well.
Here's what Craftsman has to say about the direction of construction prices in the "about this book" section of the 2020 " National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator "

SPECIAL NOTE: The information below was published before the Covid-19 pandemic. Everything has changed since this was written. For the record, we have included this information.

  • A robust new construction and remodeling market heading into 2020, bolstered by a multi-year stream of above-normal catastrophes, is making it increasingly difficult to find and keep enough skilled construction labor. Many contractors are building at full capacity, with room to grow, but cost pressures are eroding margins and making it difficult to expand. Now more than ever it’s crucial to monitor your costs and embrace new technologies that make estimating faster and easier, with comprehensive and up-to-date pricing information that informs those systems. 
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