May 2021
Watch Out For ‘Senior Specialist’ Financial Advisers
FORBES - Would you and your parents know the difference between an Accredited Retirement Adviser and an Accredited Estate Planner? How about a Retired Income Specialist versus a Certified Senior Advisor?

I suspect not and, sadly, there’s a good reason why:

More Than 50 Confusing Titles

According to a new, damning report from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, financial advisers are using more than 50 “senior” titles or designations to suggest they have expertise helping older Americans with their investments. In reality, the credentials just mislead potential customers.

“Consumers risk paying for an adviser they believe has a breadth of experience, but who, in reality, simply paid a website for multiple designations,” the report says.

In short, many “senior specialists” or “retirement advisers” may not be qualified to help you or your parents manage the family’s money but may be quite eager to use their lofty titles as marketing ploys to lure clients.

The bureau’s findings are particularly troubling because study after study has shown that older Americans are attractive targets for investment fraud. People 60 and older make up 15% of the population, but account for an estimated 30 percent of investment fraud victims, according to AARP.

How to Scope Out Financial Advisers

So it’s essential that you and your parents do your homework before signing up with an adviser. Here’s how:

·      Determine what you want from a financial pro before selecting one.
·      Be sure the adviser is on the up and up.
·      Review the adviser’s credentials.

How Similar-Sounding Financial Titles Differ

Accredited Retirement Adviser (ARA) is not required to complete a defined course of study or demonstrate previous professional experience, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's report. He or she may purchase a study aid before taking the 100-question, multiple-choice exam.

An Accredited Estate Planner (AEP) must be an attorney, accountant, insurance professional, financial planner or trust officer in professional good standing. He or she must have a minimum of five years’ experience in estate planning. Training requires at least two graduate-level courses offered by an accredited higher education graduate program.

A Retired Income Specialist (RIS) is not accredited; certification requires enrolling in a 60-hour, online self-study program. But a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) requires a three-day training course and is nationally accredited.

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Biden's Death Tax
Recently, President Biden proposed taxing capital gains at death at a tax rate of 39.6 percent plus the 3.8 percent investment tax.

There are currently many proposed changes to the way our Federal Government taxes estates. In addition, there are many tools that we (attorneys in the estate and tax practice) have used for years to minimize and discount the effect of taxes on our clients.

Many ideas are proposed to Congress, but the vetting and negotiation process rarely leaves a proposal unchanged. We are sure there will be more information in the next several weeks. Naturally, as laws change, we'll be sure to continue to keep our clients updated.
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