Construction Update
Construction at Lakewood is nearing completion as C dock should be done in the next couple of weeks. This has been a monumental piece of the project requiring significant trenching for new power and water connections to service the new docks. The new ADA walk and ramp will be a big improvement, allowing safe access for people with disabilities. The final phase will be the installation of new gatehouses at each dock.
Demolition at North Leschi will start the first week of November, Zane and Andrew should have reached out to any of you that need to move your boat. This project is estimated to take up to two months, and for those of you that will be “staying on” you should expect intermittent power and water outages. Our goal is to maintain service but there is simply no way, given the distribution set up, to rewire the new docks and not interrupt the remaining slips. We have purposely pushed this work until after the busy season to minimize the impact to your boating access, but there will obviously be some impacts as we re-deck and install new fencing and gates.
It looks like the new dock at South Leschi will be installed ~December 1st. This work should not impact any of you since it is being installed on the far South side, away from the current moorages. This new dock should provide some increased wave abatement as well as much needed moorage.
Access Codes
We have decided to employ a stepped approach to our personalized access code roll out, starting with Lakewood. Daniel and Zane are working on making this process as seamless as possible so keep a look out for an email from them in the next month or so with your new access code.
Security Cameras
The team has installed new cameras at Lakewood and Leschi South and will be adding Leschi N once construction is completed. These new cameras will not stop crime but should act as a deterrent and allow us to identify blind spots. We hope this addition provides you with some piece of mind. Fortunately, we have a seen a significant decrease in problems since mid-summer. Thanks to all of you for keeping the doors closed and remaining vigilant.
Dry Docks
Zane will be emailing a targeted survey to everyone on the dry docks. The goal is to confirm boats and their spaces. In 2023 we will be changing how we rent these slips. Each boat will be assigned a number (a sticker) that corresponds with your location. The goal is to provide increased capacity, which will be further enhanced with new kayak and paddle board racks. We know there are several derelict/mystery boats on the docks and we need to get this cleaned up before next spring. Please keep an eye out for Zane’s survey and reply at your earliest convenience.
Boat Policy
If you get a new boat, congratulations! Please notify us and provide us with the new boat information so we know it is you in the slip, and not someone else! As a reminder, no boat rentals are allowed in the marinas. This type of usage poses a host of issues and is not allowed.
Customer Appreciation Party
August 25th Andrew and his crew hosted a wonderful party! For those of you that missed it, it was amazing. The Kennedy Brothers played great music and Andrew cooked up some incredible BBQ on his epic rolling pit. It was a perfect setting to say “thanks” to all of you for your business, acknowledge a great summer on the Lake, and build a sense community. Thanks to Andrew , Zane and Daniel for their efforts, we’ll see you next August for another great event!
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