Leschi and Lakewood News
North Leschi 

The North Leschi Marina is undergoing a major partial renovation that includes the installation of new dock surfaces and a comprehensive upgrade of the marina's infrastructure. The new docks will include new pedestals, fingers, fencing, and gates. This renovation is expected to improve the marina's safety and attractiveness to boaters. 

The new pedestals are designed to provide more electrical access and lighting on the docks at night. The pedestals will be equipped with power and water hookups in the renovated sections, making them easier to access. 
The new fencing and gates will be installed around the marina will provide better security for our boaters. I’m proud of Zane and Daniel for stepping up and installing the fencing so we can get this project done sooner. 

For those of you who had to move your boats during construction, we plan on bringing them back to North Leschi at the end of the month. If you can move them yourself please let us know, that would help us out a lot. 

The new 2023 moorage rates will kick in February 1st for North Leschi. So if you have auto-pay we need to get that turned off and reinstated with the new rates. Contact us for help. 
The partial renovation of the North Leschi Marina has been a long time coming. We hope to have all the permits in place and start the second phase of renovation in a couple of years. Thank you for bearing with us, it’s going to be worth it. You folks have a brand-new marina!  

Last weekend, a group of volunteers from the Sake Rowing Club made a huge impact on our Lakewood Marina. The group cleared out an old shed that has been stored on the dry docks, loading all of the debris onto a trailer and hauling it away. 
The shed had been a major eyesore on the island, and the volunteers' from Conibear and Sake had taken it down weeks ago. Not only did they beautify the area, but they also made it much safer on the dry docks. Both clubs now have new sheds that provide storage for their paddles, life vests and accessories. 

Seattle SAKE is an organization of national and international competitors that promotes the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of the paddle sports to the community at-large. They have a long history as Seattle’s oldest and largest dragon boat club, but have expanded into stand up paddleboard (SUP) and outrigger canoe. 
The Sake Rowing Club is a great example of what we can do when we put our collective hearts together. Thank you Sake! 

Check In on your boat. It misses you. 
We have a handful of boats in the Marina that have been taking on water as the rain keeps on falling. This is the time to be checking in on your boats. After all, you want it to be in tip-top shape for when the sun comes back out and you’re ready to hit the open water again. 
One of the most important steps in prepping your boat for winter is to have a cover. Don't soley rely on your bilge to keep you boat afloat. 
Inspect your lines and make sure they’re all in good shape and tied off securely. This includes the lines connecting your boat to the dock and any lines you use to secure other items on board. 
Next, check your fenders. Make sure they’re all in good shape and securely attached to your boat. You don’t want to do any damage to your boat or the docks.  

We have a couple of new advice columns from our two favorite Marina employees, Zane and Daniel. Zane will be addressing maintenance and mechanical questions and Daniel’s column is more about the romantic and emotional aspects of boat ownership. Please send any questions to
Ask inZane: 
 Hi Zane. Why do you guys change the gate codes for the bathrooms so often? 

We try to keep the bathrooms open and clean for all of our boaters. Unfortunately we were noticing some repeated issues so we thought it best to update the code and give them a cleaning. If you ever have trouble with the code, or notice a problem, please reach out to us!