Even during this time of Covid-19, the building and grounds of MUMC continue to be lovingly cared for. Our annual fire inspection took place March 13, and while we didn’t pass on the first go around, many people have pitched in to make sure we pass the second time around (which will happen in May). Margaret Bowen has worked tirelessly, cleaning out electrical closets and de-cluttering. Many thanks to Mark Hixon and the Craft Group for quickly cleaning off shelves. Leigh Anne Moore took responsibility for the elevator, and all deficiencies have been corrected. The FLC Kitchen benefitted from a professional cleaning, followed by Margaret and Sherri Foster cleaning every item before it was put back in place. Once the church re-opens, please stop by and see your kitchen; it’s truly beautiful! Finally, a huge shout-out to Danny, our head custodian, for going above and beyond in moving things that needed to be moved, cleaning out closets, vacuuming vents, and rearranging, in addition to doing his regular job, all without complaint! Praying for the time we can all be together gain.

Pam McNitzky