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May 15, 2020
Notable Notes
A Note from Pastor David - The Stockdale Paradox
In his best selling book, Good to Great, Jim Collins highlights an important idea which he calls “The Stockdale Paradox.” It comes from his relationship with Admiral James Stockdale, who spent eight years as a POW in the infamous camp dubbed the Hanoi Hilton. Collins asked Stockdale how he dealt with the endless and tiring situation of not knowing if or when he would get out- not knowing how the story would end. Stockdale told him that he never lost his unwavering faith that he would get out and that he would turn it into “the defining moment of my life, which in retrospect, I will not trade for anything.” Collins followed up by asking, “Who did not make it out of this?” Stockdale replied, “ That’s easy- the optimists; the ones who thought they’d be home by Christmas.” When another Christmas came and they were still prisoners, Stockdale notes, “ they died of a broken heart.” So Collins and his team of researchers realized that effective leaders model this paradox: On the one hand, they have the unwavering faith that they will prevail in the end; and on the other hand, they need to confront the brutal facts as they are today. I can see this paradox in the leadership of Winston Churchill who displayed an unwavering faith in Britain’s ability to stand alone against Nazi Germany, yet told the people in his first speech as Prime Minister that all he had to offer them was “blood toil, tears and sweat.” Similarly, in 1942, President Roosevelt, while confident of an Allied victory, reminded the American people that the news from the war front would get worse before it would get better.

Today we find ourselves in a “Stockdale moment.” We must not lose faith that we will get through this crisis and come out stronger on the other side. Yet, we must acknowledge that this will not happen quickly and that we will likely never return to things in our world or church exactly as they were in 2019. Many of us would like a precise timetable on our return to church. We’d like to know when the next chapter will start. I cannot yet tell you the exact date. I can tell you that we have task forces praying about, and planning for, our return. We only know that it will not be in May. But I can tell you that the end of the story will find us stronger than before and even more focused on being a community offering home, help and hope to a hurting world. I do pray that our current chapter, in which we find ourselves away from our normal gatherings, may turn out to be our defining moment which, in retrospect, we would not trade for anything- even a return to “normal.”

Our Youth Director, Mike Niswander, is graduating this month and is seeking employment as a full-time youth director at a new church. After three years, his last days with us are quickly approaching. Unfortunately, his transition is coming during a pandemic which means we are unable to gather together for a proper send-off. Because of this, you are invited to send your love and well-wishes to Mike, Lisa, Guinevere, Huxley & Baby #3 to:

Mike Niswander
103 W 30th St #308
Austin, TX 78705-2953

Good luck to Mike as he starts on his new journey. We will miss seeing you and your family!
The April Altar Rail offering has traditionally supported the Chris Brown and Don Banker Scholarship Endowment, which gives scholarships to local high school and college students each year. This fund, which began 36 years ago, has provided over $70,000 in college scholarships to 142 students. Like the mustard seed in Matthew 13:32 “although it is the smallest of all seeds, it grows larger than any garden plant and becomes a tree. Birds even come and rest on the branches.”

Although the 2020 scholarship selection process is currently underway, it is not too late to support this fund! Leftover funds that may be available after this year's recipients are selected will go towards next year's recipients. You can mail a check to MUMC, P.O. Box 460, Manchaca, TX 78652 (write "scholarship fund" on the memo line) or give online (please choose "Altar Rail" as the fund, and write "scholarship fund" in the memo). Many thanks for supporting our youth in their future endeavors.

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New Women's Study: The Belonging Project
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Are you feeling depleted, disappointed, dissatisfied, and disconnected? Are you tired of being lonely and left out at work, home, church, and online? Are you hungry for true community, deeper connection with God, and friendships that are greater than just "likes" on social media? Come and discover true community! In this four-week study, author Amberly Neese provides Biblical and practical help for cultivating meaningful relationships that glorify God through an exploration of four "one another" sayings in the New Testament: Love one another, Serve one another, Build up and strengthen one another, and forgive one another. Each week, we will watch a video together and engage in meaningful conversations that will encourage and equip us to pursue deeper relationships and true belonging! Please email  Kim@ManchacaUMC.org to sign up!

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