News & Updates
JUNE 2021

We hope you enjoy reading about our new dogs and the dogs that have found their forever homes. We are grateful to all of you for your support. Have a wonderful summer!

We are back at Adoption Events! We will be at the new Pet Food Express in El Dorado Hills (Town Center Shopping Center) every 2nd Saturday of the month. We will be at the Pet Food Express in Loehmann's Plaza on the 4th Saturday of the month. Adoption events are from 11-2. If you live locally, please stop by to see us!
Eli is a 10 year old boy who was an owner surrender. His owner bought two cocker puppies and it seems that Eli was not fond of them biting and jumping on him. He is a wonderful boy, has good energy for his age, is a great traveler, and loves people. He is also good with other dogs, just not puppies!
Max is a 4 year old cocker mix whose owner moved out of the country. He is a sweet, loving, boy who loves to be with you and loves belly rubs. We found out after we got him that he has a herniated disc in his neck. He is ususally fine, but we are waiting to see a surgeon to see what our plan is.
Penny came to us from a Sacramento shelter. She was a stray - can you imagine a blind dog being out on the streets :-( She is 11-12 years old, one was removed recently due to glaucoma. She loves nothing more than being on your lap.
Ollie is a 4 year old boy who was an owner surrender. His owner passed away and family members could not care for him. He is a handsome, happy boy!
Luca is an 8 month old girl who was brought to a Sacramento shelter to be euthanized because she bit the owner. The shelter wanted to give her a chance, as we did. After she was evaluated by the shelter, they saw no aggression in her. One of our volunteers also went to meet and evaluate her and saw no aggression. . We don't know what happened in this young dog's life, but she may not have been properly socialized or was mistreated by the previous owner. She needs more socialization and an experienced dog owner. We are meeting with a trainer to assess her and get some tips.
Luke is a 9 year old boy who was an owner surrender. The owner could no longer care for him. He has suffered for years with horrible ears and will need bi-lateral TEKA (ablation of both ear canals). See how his ears are sticking out? That is because they are so calcified, they cannot lay flat. We will be doing a Go Fund Me campaign for his ear surgery. He is the sweetest dog ever. He was also living outside during the day and brought in at night. He will get as close to you as possible and sit on your feet - craving human companionship - which he is getting in his foster home!
JoJo is a new boy we just got in. He is about 8 years old and was a stray from the Fresno area. After bloodwork was done, we found out he is diabetic. He is on insulin and responding very well. He is a little unsure of new people, but after a few minutes, he gives you his famous smile and wag of his long tail.
Thank you to all our adopters!
Frances and Lucy were adopted by David and Susan. The girls are keeping them busy and are enjoying their new home.
Andrew and Jessica adopted Ollie and are so happy with him. Ollie has a dog sibling Sufi and they are having fun playing!
Mandy, a 12 year girl we got from the Sutter County shelter was adopted by Stephanie. Stephanie fell in love with her the minute she saw her. She says they are like Peanut Butter and Jelly and are inseparable!
Darren, Janna and their daughter adopted Willey into their family. Willey has a cocker sister, Brandy.

Zsu Zsu aka Wanabe snuggling under the covers.
Murphy had to have most of his teeth pulled, so he has a hard time keeping his tongue in :-))
Butters all decked out in her booties and rain coat.
Susie, a sanctuary dog, napping with her stuffed toy.
Charlie, a sanctuary dog, decided to take all the toys out, so what's new mom??
Wyatt, in the front, is being comorted by his sisters, Bailey and Riley after he had ear surgery. Bailey and Riley are also NorCal dogs. Mom says they also brought him their toys. Wyatt is being fostered and still needs to have surgery on his other ear on June 30.
Millie is a sanctuary dog who we have had a couple of years. She had her eyes enucleated (removed) due to glaucoma this past week. Her foster mom says she is a trooper!
Iko's dads say he loves his "pink monster" toy! Yay Iko!
Pepper and Copper, both NorCal boys posing pretty for the camera.
Lola, Lola Beans, a sanctuary dog is Queen Bee. She was one of our volunteer's dogs, Jim Hill, who passed away a couple of years ago. Lola is blind, but her nose really works good! She also LOVES squeaky toys :-))
Lady Mae (top) and Gianna love taking walks with mom and dad!
Harper was just at the spa and she is looking beautiful :-))
We want to thank our donors and everyone who have supported us throughout the years. Having monthly and other regular donors have helped us continue our mission of saving dogs that need us. Our expenses have risen just as everything else has during this pandemic year. Our one vet bill from Placerville Vet Clinic was over $6,200 for April. Another vet bill was over $2,600 for Wyatt's ear surgery. As mentioned above, we will be doing a Go Fund Me Campaign to raise funds for Luke's ear surgery. Any donations would be appreciated! Thank you!
Annual Picnic
We are hoping to hold our annual picnic this year which will be held in September at our usual spot - Elk Grove Regional Park. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! We will keep you posted.