North Fork Ambulance News | August Edition
August News and Updates
We greatly appreciate the support of our crew members, volunteers, Friends of North Fork Ambulance and community members during the many happenings in August! As we near the end of summer, North Fork Ambulance has continued participating in local events, including the Delta County Fair and Paonia Preparedness Day, as well as hosting some of our own. As always, thank you to everyone who helps keep our ambulance service strong!
Trainings at NF Ambulance Headquarters
110 E. Hotchkiss Ave.
Continuing Education classes for crew members are held monthly. Additional trainings taking place include IV Therapy for EMS providers and CPR Classes for crew members, as well as the public.

Watch for upcoming Hands Only CPR classes (15 minutes long)! Once scheduled, information can be found on our Facebook page and

We had three successful Safe Sitter classes this summer with over 20 students trained in CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, First Aid/Rescue Skills, Behavior Management and much more. Look out for our next class tentatively scheduled for Fall Break.

Are you looking for a space to hold your next class? E-mail Kathy at to see if the training room at North Fork Ambulance Headquarters is a fit for you!
Campaign News
Q - Why is the North Fork Ambulance forming a Special District? Is it really important? 

A - Forming a special District is a proactive step to ensure everyone in the valley has a financially stable and suistainable ambulance service that can serve people with professionalism and compassion. Financial responsibility for this service would be shared by the residents and taxpayers who have a perpetual interest in the health and well-being of all people in the North Fork valley. 

Q - What are the benefits of a Special District to me as a resident?
A - There are many benefits to our residents. These include:
- Response times as quick as possible.
- High levels of responder training.
- Quality ambulance service is maintained without interruption
- Equipment and vehicle replacement plans are in place
- Ambulance stations can be improved and infrastructure upgraded
- On-Call staff is retained and new members are attracted.

Q - What will the funding of a Special District Cost me as a Property Owner?
A - The annual cost will be about $41 per $100,000 of residential property value. 
 For example, If your home is worth $200,000, you will pay $82 per year or roughly $6,83 per month.

For more information and updates on the upcoming election, visit!
Public Presentations Are Just Around the Corner!

Have Kathy Steckel give a short presentation on the North Fork Ambulance's participation in the upcoming November election. Please e-mail Katie at to schedule your organization.

We join meetings from a variety of organizations including schools, churches, non-profits, crafting groups, social clubs, women's clubs, libraries, and much more!
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